Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I wouldn't give...

...to have some money. I would sell my soul. I just don't understand how this keeps happening. It seems like we just can't get it together. The bills are piling up. The money just isn't there. If only we were a charitable cause, and people could just send us checks and keep us afloat.

I'm sad today. We are flat as a pancake broke. Again. Shit.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Long time!!

So, I haven't been updating this blog like I should. I don't think I even realized that I still had this! I've been so caught up in school and work, that I haven't had a spare moment to think about anything else.

This summer, which is what this blog is all about, is a lazy one compared to last year. I'm not traveling at all. Well, maybe to the in-laws lake house on Hartwell, but nowhere else. There's no trip to Italy. No trip to Mexico. No trip anywhere! I feel strange being home all the time, but I'm managing to keep busy.

B-rex was enrolled in a summer speech camp. The camp used masters candidates from USC to work with the kids on their speech. B-rex had a good time. It was funny, though, because he resisted me every day. "I don't want to go to speech camp!" But once he got there, he was fine. In fact, most days he ran over to Miss Julie and gave her a hug! He got to make a craft every day, just like at school. Some days, he went to daycare in the morning. But most days he just stayed home with me and Cheese.

Cheese has had a boring summer. I feel kind of bad about that. But we've been scheduling our lives around speech camp! And it was in the middle of the afternoon, which really cut into fun time. We have gone swimming with my sis and Mad-dog, but not as much as he would like. He also begs every day to go over to the Ryan's house. I just can't seem to explain to him that you can't just invite yourself over to someone's house! That's rude!

As for me, I'm taking my usual Wednesday class. Right now, it's professional leadership. I also have 2 electives to take this summer. One this week, one next week. I'll be done with grad school in September! Only 13 more weeks!

I'll try to keep this more updated, in case anyone actually reads it. I'm not doing anything but class this week, though. And the boys are in Alabama with Grandpa and Gigi! Vacation for me!!!