Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eye Candy, dammit

Gummy Bears

You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you're so darn cute.
Okay, I thought that since I have been eating so much candy today, I should find out what kind I am. Cute, huh? Smooshie and cute, all at the same time. No wonder my Hubs... um, I'll stop now.
Anyway, I am out of school for the holidays! Yay! The students have been absolutely worthless since their exams last week. I have NEVER been so glad to get out of there. And a lot of the teachers are moving to new classrooms over the break, due to the opening of the NEW BUILDING. So I spent the afternoon packing up my office and moving boxes and crates to my new classroom. Yes, they have people who will do that, but crates. They are open on top. I don't want stuff getting messed up. And I mostly wanted to make sure it all went to the right room. Because face it, some of the people who move us can't read properly. I needed to know that my stuff was where I needed it in January. Of course, they haven't moved the previous teacher completely out yet, so it's still possible that they'll move my stuff with hers. That would suck. It is labelled though. Ahh, literacy.
I am just so glad to be done. At least for the next two weeks. I feel relieved. It will be nice to just work one job for a little while. I thought it was funny when people would tell me to "Enjoy your break!" Break? What's that? I'll be at the bookstore nearly every day. No break for me. That's okay. It's still better than being at school!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

More blessings, and more

I wanted everyone to know that I've added more Christmas pictures to the Tour. Sorry about the delay.

Also, there have been even more blessings since Friday afternoon. That night, a friend of mine came by the bookstore to visit for a few minutes. She brought a small gift with her. It was gift cards to the movies. We had talked at church the previous Sunday about how Hubs and I always go to the movies for our birthdays. She knows that his bday is this week, so she and her husband decided to help us continue our bday tradition. And she even offered to watch the boys!

This morning at church, there was another mysterious envelope waiting for us. Inside was note that said someone wanted to help us out and "it isn't much." Just a Target gift card worth $150! Hubs and I are completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from this congregation. Obviously, the Spirit of God has moved into our congregation and is moving them this holiday. I am so greatful to all the wonderful people who have helped make this Christmas so special for us!

And so you know, Hubs and I are planning on writing a Thank You to our special Christmas angels and putting it in the church bulletin next Sunday. Even though we don't know who they are, we want them to know how much their gifts are appreciated.

In an unrelated note, my sister passed her National Board Certification for kindergarten! Yay! Now she gets a HUGE pay raise and mucho respect. She and her husgand are talking about having a second child now that they can pay for daycare. I am so excited! I hope they decide to have LOTS of babies! Yippee!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Blessings

I don't have much time, as I'm leaving for work in about 40 minutes. But I'm feeling particularly blessed today, so I thought I would share some blessings with you.

Hubs and I are well loved. We have some awesome friends! In the mail this week, we received an anonymous Christmas card from someone at church. Enclosed was a $100 Wal-Mart gift card. Yesterday, also at church, Hubs received another anonymous card. Enclosed was a check for $300. Today, I got a card from the other teachers in the magnet program where I teach. Enclosed were 2-$100 gift cards from "Santa" for my boys.

I guess I shouldn't be amazed any more by how the Lord takes care of His own. I know that there are some truly wonderful Christmas angels out there. I wish I could thank them all by name, but I will have to settle for saying a generic "Thanks and God Bless" instead.

I leave you with some scenes from our Christmas tree.

The boys in front of the Christmas tree.

These Christmas Pooh's are the first things you see when you come through our front door. I collected them back when I worked at the Disney Store in college. Some are limited edition.

This scene is on top of the entertainment center. We keep our Christmas cards in the snowman at the left. The Santa was a gift, and he's really cool. Note also the wedding photos on the wall.

This is our mantle. LOVE our stockings. Thanks, LL Bean! The nativity is made of olive wood from Isreal. Hubs and I bought it our first married Christmas. (We had to glue a wise man back on this year though. Oops!)

Be sure to visit BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes to see some real holiday cheer:

Give me a break! I am working two jobs right now. I'll post more pics when we can actually put presents under the tree.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tis the Season

Come join in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes on December 15. I'll be up from having to work half the night, so it won't be a problem for me. That is, if we can get the decorations up before then. The plan is for Saturday. We should make it in plenty of time for the 15th.

BTW, Hubs got a job!!! Yay!!! He's waiting tables at a local family sports pub. No, seriously, that's what it's called. A Family. Sports. Pub. I try not to think about it. Anyhoo, he started training tonight, so hopefully he'll be on his own next week and making the big tips! It's usually pretty full, especially on football Sundays. Unfortunately, because of the whole "pastor-in-training" thing, he won't be working during the big game days. Oh well. There's still Friday and Saturday night.

And have I mentioned that I'm working at a bookstore. And I LOVE IT!!!! It is the best time! I would love to make that a full-time gig. Hmmm... retail management....