Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life improvements

Things are not so bad here now. I have been in contact with a debt consolidation company, who is helping us to get out of the deep hole. Also, we had an unexpected help from my sweet, wonderful in-laws. (Who also bought us dinner one night!) Thanks!! For the help, and for my husband! So, I am not as stressed out about $$ as I was before. It feels nice. I'm still watching our accounts closely - don't think that I've gone crazy shopping or something. I'm just not contemplating robbing a bank anymore.

I went back to work offically today. We had in-service this morning. For those not in the school world, an in-service is when we get taught "new" things. We learned about bullying, inquiry (Good job Dana!), writing across the curriculum, and the differences between the sexes. Like we needed an in-service in that! I'm married, for goodness sake. I totally get that boys and girls (or men and women) are different. Also, I'm writing my Masters thesis on that, so I had been over all the research and such already. That's okay. Nancy and Kyle still did a good job.

Also, this afternoon, I got to sit down with a reporter from WLTX. I've been part of the beta group on a new website: SC Teacher Village. It's a social network, like FB, for teachers. A group of us has been using the site all summer, getting the "bugs" out. It is supposed to roll out this fall sometime. Anyway, one of the reporters came out to the STate Department and interviewed some folks. One of whom was ME!! So, I'm going to be watching the news tonight, instead of the Disney channel. I'm quite excited! As soon as I get a link to the story online, I'll share. I'd like everyone to be able to see my tv debut!

So, I'm going to go read some more of my book, Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty. I'd like to finish it sometime today...