Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowy, snowy night

So, it's the most snowfall in SC since 1973. That's before I was born! But did it stop us from going outside to enjoy the beauty? No way! I'm glad that I got to spend the time with Cheese and B-rex. They loved it! Today, not so much. That's okay.

It started snowing around 4:00 PM, as we were leaving Food Lion. I know, I know. Who goes to the grocery store in SC when there's talk of snow? There were long lines, but people were nice.

When we got home, Cheese wanted to play outside, so I bundled them up! Don't they look adorable!?!

This is the boys making snowballs. It was about 5:30 PM. They were practicing so that they could have a snowball fight when their dad got home.

This is what it looked like outside this morning. There's about 5-6 inches out there. Wow! I felt like a little girl again, back in Illinois!

Compare this shot to the one at the beginning. Wow!
If you use your imagination, and look really closely, you can see Hubs' snow angel. It will have to do!I hope to take some more pictures later. And Hubs has some on his camera as well. Yay, Snow Day! (Of course, it had to be a Saturday, and not a school day...)