Sunday, April 18, 2010

slow weekend

I feel like I got some time off. We didn't have anything major going on this weekend, so it was almost like having a vacation. Saturday, I actually got all the laundry done with daylight left to burn. In the morning, Cheese let us sleep in until 7:00! Then the boys watched Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeekwul. B-rex had t-ball practice that morning, but my sweet husband took care of that so I could work in the house. I got to go to Zumba, which is always fun!

The rest of the day was lazy. The boys played outside with their friend from across the street. Weston and I had a movie night at home. Rented Couples Retreat. Funny! I recommend it for laughs. We have discovered the Redbox method of renting movies. Only $1 per night. Because how many nights in a row are you really going to watch a movie? It's perfect for us.

Today, we had church in the morning. The boys had a friend come over afterwards, so they were out of our hair. Weston and I both got to go for a run this afternoon. Then the boys had UP! (church for kids) this evening. Weston volunteered with the youth, and I got to shop a bit.

Overall, great weekend. Top 10 for sure!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

vacation boredom

you've all been on vacation. The first couple of days are like a honeymoon. Everything is exciting and new! You are enjoying the kids for the first time in ages. Then, about day four, reality sets in. You've done all the cool stuff, and you're stuck watching cartoons.

This feeling is amplified when you are visiting family during your vacation. Of course you don't expect them to take off the whole time you're there. After all, they do have to earn a living, and it's not like they want to waste all their vacation time on you. I am there. We spent the last couple of days exploring the Prattville area. Now, the grandparents have returned to work, and I don't know my way around town. So we're sitting here at their house watching cartoons. Which we could be doing at our house.

How do we beat the vacation blues? How do I entertain the kids the rest of the day today and ALL day tomorrow? Please give mesome ideas!!

And when I'm bored, I tend to snack. Not good!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Lazy Day

I am sitting outside, enjoying the quiet and warmth of an Alabama morning. I love porch-type swings. So peaceful. The boys are being nice to each other. I can hear birds singing. It's not too warm yet, though the heat is surely coming.

B-rex is hitting plastic golf balls off of a tee. I can't tell if he has no skills, or if the club is too big for him. Probably a bit of both. The boys have been practicing their golf swing. They managed to break the kid-sized clubs last time we were here. (There's nothing my boys can't break!) Now they're making due with Grandpa's clubs. Some sort of wedge, maybe? I don't know anything about golf.

I am reminded of other quiet times. Times B.C. = before children. When I could enjoy being outside without the threat of a ball/bat/club coming at my head. Now, my silence is interrupted by "Mom! I can't find my shoes!" I didn't take them off. Why would I have any idea where they are? And yet the search must be undertaken, because I am the mommy. That's my job. So much for quiet and rest!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

spring vacation

So this morning started my official vacation. I woke up early, so we could get an early start. No such luck. Between the snuggling and last-minute packing, we didn't leave until 9.

The boys did a great job in the car. They were almost completely silent for the first hour. Cheese put his MP3 player on, and that was pretty much the last I heard from him. B-rex spent most of the trip playing with his new, giant plastic spider. I can't imagine who would have let him buy something like that. (hint: it was me)

I can't believe they were so well-behaved! When we drive the 3 miles to church, they fight. When we drive the 10 minutes to BiLo, they fight. Even on the 3 minute drive to Publix! Nothing but shouting and hitting. But a 7-hour drive? No problem! Who knew?

I'll keep you updated. B-rex already has a splinter, and I had to buy a new dress. I can't believe I forgot my Easter dress!

Friday, April 02, 2010

no longer At the Jiffy Lube

So we made it through the 15 minute oil change with not too much badness. The boys have been surprisingly well-behaved today. Through 2 grocery stores, 2 Walgreens, Target, and Jiffy Lube. I did (shamelessly) bribe them a bit, but don't judge. Now, Cheese is enjoying his mp3 player on too loud, and B-rex is watching a movie. I may order a pizza, because I am beat.

Crap. I just realized that I forgot to pick up my prescription again. And to take the boys to the library. And there was something else, but now I've quite forgotten what that was. Why does it seem like there is never enough time to get things done?

I did finish another James Rollins book, Altar of Eden. Excellent! See, we DO need to go to the library. Damn!