Saturday, April 03, 2010

spring vacation

So this morning started my official vacation. I woke up early, so we could get an early start. No such luck. Between the snuggling and last-minute packing, we didn't leave until 9.

The boys did a great job in the car. They were almost completely silent for the first hour. Cheese put his MP3 player on, and that was pretty much the last I heard from him. B-rex spent most of the trip playing with his new, giant plastic spider. I can't imagine who would have let him buy something like that. (hint: it was me)

I can't believe they were so well-behaved! When we drive the 3 miles to church, they fight. When we drive the 10 minutes to BiLo, they fight. Even on the 3 minute drive to Publix! Nothing but shouting and hitting. But a 7-hour drive? No problem! Who knew?

I'll keep you updated. B-rex already has a splinter, and I had to buy a new dress. I can't believe I forgot my Easter dress!

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