Sunday, July 29, 2007

At the Beach?

We are here. Here we are. Litchfield By the Sea. Sounds like a novel or something, doesn't it? We arrived about an hour ago. The children are already at the pool. Yes, the pool. Not the beach. That's okay. Evidently they are saving that for tomorrow. All day. Sounds fun! We can't actually see the beach from our house. We do have some sort of water out the back. The view is pretty. And our bedroom, I think, faces the ocean direction, so we'll get the sunrise. That's one of my favorite views.

So, why am I not at the pool? Because I need some down time. I am tired of being the one who looks after the kids near the water. Besides, Nikki (who wishes from hereforth to be called Nicole) and Mike are with Hubs. They'll be fine. I just dont know if I can handle all this togetherness! There are relatives as far as the eye can see. I believe my initial count was correct. There are 28 of us here. Oh. My. God!

And I would like to mention, for the record, that I am angry at my dad. He and Gigi had talked about coming to church with us this morning, to hear Hubs preach. My dad is a pastor, so this is pretty much his only chance. You know, since he works most Sunday mornings. But then, when I saw them Friday night, Gigi tells me that they're not coming. Because it would cut into their beach time. What the f*ck!? They only got here an hour before we did! And they are not even at the beach! Gigi is at the grocery store. I'm not sure what Dad is doing. Probably at the pool with the kids.

Really. I am very hurt. And Hubs is hurt too. This church is a big deal. And his sermon today was AWESOME! The first few weeks it was so-so, but he's really getting better! The little old lady who sits behind us even said that he did a great job today.

Just thought I'd let that out.

Anyway, Chris and Kristen's wedding went well. It was very pretty, and I almost succeeded at not crying. But when my little brother started saying his vows, "honor and cherish" and all that, I couldn't help it. Kristen looked so pretty! Her dress was satin-y with this gorgeous beading all around the hem. And the train. Lovely! The boys had a good time at the reception. B-rex is a crazy dancer. He actually (getting teary) came over to me and held his little hand out and led me onto the dance floor! He wanted to dance with his mommy! So sweet! Cheese wasn't as into the whole dancing thing. He mostly sat with his Nanas and ate. He did try to dance once or twice. Hubs and I danced to "our" song: Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis. So sweet!

Can't wait to see how this vacation turns out!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

And Yet Another Vacation

Well, maybe it's not a vacation. However, it is away from the house for 5 and 1/2 days. I don't have to work outside the home. I will have helpers with the children. We will be at the beach. Yes, the beach. Myrtle Beach.

In less than two days, my baby brother is getting married. Of course, he's not exactly a baby anymore. He's now 25, and about 8 inches taller than me. We are leaving tomorrow morning for G'ville for the excitement. Afterward, we are going to Litchfield Beach with: my dad and Gigi, my sister, her husband, their daughter; Aunt Dianne and Uncle Loren, Jen and Mike (cousins); Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian, Kat, Craig, and Mark (cousins) and Sam (Kat's boyfriend); Aunt Gayle and Uncle/Cousin Dave, Cassie, Kyle, and Courtney (cousins); Great-Uncle Darrell and Great-Aunt June; Grandma and Grandpa Canfield (Gigi's parents).

Holy Shit.

There are not words to describe this. I believe there are 28 of us. I don't know how many houses we have rented. I know that I am sharing with Sis and her family. And I am thrilled to be spending some good, quality time with my extended family. (And I didn't have to plan it! hee hee!) But my goodness! Crazy! That's a lot of family!

Today was fun. Sis and I went with Madison and got our nails done. Madison is too little to have a real pedicure, since her feet won't reach when sitting in the chair. But she did have her little nails painted a lovely pale pink color that should match the ribbon of her flower girl dress nicely. Nikki and I got the whole works. Nikki even had to get fake nails! They looked really nice, and we had some girl-time.

Other than today, I feel like I have been working non-stop for two weeks. I worked a lot last week due to the release of the new Harry Potter. God bless J.K. Rowling. She is a literary genius! If you have not yet read Deathly Hallows, by all means, go get it! Even Hubs finished it in two days, and he is not the fastest reader. (he is getting better though. He's read 3 or 4 books this summer. Wow!)

I have also read a new-ish book by Joshilyn Jackson called Between, Alabama. I would definitely recommend this book. I would also now like to read her first book, gods in Alabama. Hmm. I'll have to check the library. My book spending money is all gone! It's been a good summer for reading for me. And I do love to read!

So, be envious, but do not covet, concerning my vacation. Remember that I will be surrounded by my extended family. And that I'll be at the beach.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monk & Neagle

BooMama turned me on to this wonderful new duo, Monk & Neagle. I have only heard one and a half of their songs, but they are GOOD! And I love some praise music, as I may have mentioned previously. I know good stuff when I hear it. Their voices work so incredibly well together. I have not heard harmony like this in an all-male group. Well, a duo anyway. The lyrics are also fab. I am really enjoying them. You can hear some of their songs here.

What are their real names? When does their album actually come out? The song Twenty-First Time is currently convicting me a bit.

Beautiful, boys. Beautiful!

Swimming again

Nikki- We had so much fun again today swimming with you and Madison. The boys LOVE the water! Last summer, we went to visit my dad. B-Rex got in the water, but he didn't really have a choice. We put him in one of those baby floats and set him sail. Cheese didn't want to get into the water at all. In fact, he just stood on the side of the pool and threw the water ball to us the whole time. This summer, they are both lovin' the water.

Cheese got right in today. I think going swimming with Shalee last week really helped. And seeing Madison able to swim too. He's really kicking out there. He still doesn't want to jump in and get his face wet, but it'll come. I just hate that we have to take breaks because his bag comes unglued. Oh, well. He sat on his towel today until it dried out a little bit. Then we taped him up and let him back in.

B-rex is a maniac. If I would let him, he'd jump off the diving board. No, really. He would. He is fearless! He asked a couple of times today, but I persuaded him not to. I did throw him around a bit, and he did okay going under the water. He didn't like it, but he did okay. Maybe we'll just keep trying that.

This week has been tiring. It's hard being at work all day. My legs are sooooooo tired! And my feet! Ouch! But it'll be worth the paycheck at the end, right? Hubs is out looking for a job right now. He's thinking about waiting tables again. At Arizona Steakhouse. We haven't even eaten there! Come to think of it, we haven't gone out for my birthday dinner. Or my birthday movie. Hey! He owes me a date! Maybe we can get the Nanas to watch the kids one night next week. Hmm, but Chris' wedding is next weekend. Nanas probably don't need anymore stress than they already have.

Yes, in one week, my baby brother is getting married. Wow! I need to go pick up my bridesmaid's dress. Maybe after work tomorrow.

Oh, and I weigh 152.1 lbs. As of this morning. We'll see if it stays that way till tomorrow, the official weigh-in day.

Friday, July 13, 2007

If At First You Don't...

Can you tell my Hubs is out of town? I haven't posted this much since, well, never. Guess I am trying to make up for lost time. And Gigi telling me that I write well isn't hurting either. If she is reading this to get updates on the kiddies, guess I should oblige and actually write about the little buggers.

Today was like a long comedy of errors. Shannon said last night that they would be done at her mom's house "early." That, to me, meant before the 9:00 hour. I just assume that everyone's kids get up at the butt crack of dawn like mine do. So I got up early-ish (7:00), and did a little TaeBo. I hurted. Cheeseman got up while I was doing that. He wanted to know if it was time to go to Shalee's yet.

It got to be 9:00, and I still hadn't heard from Shannon, so I decided to shower. Yes, I'd been all stinky and sweaty until then. But the kids don't mind, and Hubs isn't here to have an opinion. I showered, got dressed. Still nothing. Finally, 10:20 rolls around and she calls. I head over with the boys, and drop them off. I'm going to get my nails done.

I can't help it. I'm addicted now. I love the way they look. I love the deep pink color of my toes. It's bootiful! So I sit. And sit. And sit. And it's now almost noon! Finally, the guy that does the best foot/leg massages during pedicures is free! He does the pedi, then the mani. I go with some color on the mani this time. Branching out, ya know! I glance at the clock, and it is 1:20. Which would not be a problem, except that the kids are swimming (without their momma!) and Bman has his speech therapy at 1:45. Crap.

I walk out the door of the salon at 1:32. I am at the pool at 1:45. Double crap. Bman does NOT want to get out of the pool. I finally promise him that we'll be back when Miss Jill is done. Then we hurry home. We pull into the driveway at 1:55. She is not there. I rush into the house, leaving Bman in the car (with the windows DOWN!), and call her cell. She agrees to come back for a shortened session.

At 3:00, we are walking back out the door to go back to the pool. We get there, and Bman wants to jump straight in. We get his Spiderman floaties on, and we're ready to rock. Cheeseman is hanging out IN THE BIG POOL! Dog paddling like a maniac! Yaay! About 20 minutes later, his bag has lost all its adhesive powers, and Cheeseman has to get out of the pool lest he contaminate it with his poop. The joys of a colostomy bag. :-( He's okay though. He knows it's nothing personal.

We left around 3:50, right as they were blowing the whistle for adult swim. Do all pools with lifeguards do that? Just curious. My pool experiences are limited recently. We used to go almost every day when I was in junior high. Mom was a student at Ole Miss, so we'd go to the "family pool" on campus all the time. It was AWESOME! I had the hugest crushes on the lifeguards there. They were HOT! I used to have pictures of some of them. Wonder what ever happened to those?

Anyway, I gave the kids a snack when we got home. Cheeseman was all excited because they were having movie night at NEUMC (our old church). He and Bman love movie night. They get to wear their pj's and lay in sleeping bags on the floor of the sanctuary. Alas, 'twas not to be. Cheeseman passed out on the couch. One minute, he was awake. The next, he was sawing logs. I tried to wake him at quarter to six, but he wasn't moving. I did move him into his bed, just in case. Bman and I played and read books for another hour, till it was bath time.

Cheeseman woke up just after 7:00. Bman got out of the tub, Cheeseman got in. I had bought these little soap tablets that turn the water colors. Bman got yellow, cuz he likes to pee in the tub. Cheeseman chose red. Because his favorite Power Ranger is the red ranger. Sigh. Anyway. Cheese was all upset because he missed movie night at church. So we had our own movie night at home. We (well, the boys) watched their new TMNT video for almost an hour. Then I had to call it a night. There were talking samurai rabbits and pandas. It was too much for me. Though I have no problem with talking ninja turtles. A strange fact that Cheese pointed out to me. The wisdom of a 4-year-old.

So now, I'm hanging out. I'm trying to decide whether I want to wake the boys up early tomorrow. I have an all associate meeting at BAM at 7:00 AM. My manager would like me to be there, even said I could bring the boys to enjoy the free donuts. But I don't know how sociable they'll be that early. I'm not usually too sociable that early. And I'd have to wake them up. And they can be cranky. But we're talking about the big Harry Potter shindig. Which I'm not actually working at. Tough decision. I'll make it when the alarm goes off at 6:21.

Gigi, if you're reading this, hope you have enjoyed the week of play-by-play action around our house. It will likely not continue. Hubs comes home next week, and he doesn't like it when I hole myself up in the room and write. Nevermind that it makes me feel better, but whatever. Also, I'll be working at BAM every day except Thursday. So I won't even know what the boys are doing. I know that Monday, Cheese has another booty procedure. Then Bman has speech therapy on Tuesday. Thursday, we're going swimming with Nikki and Madison. But other than that, who knows?

By the way, if you have a chance, check out the devotional for July 12 of Streams in the Desert by Cowman. It is a fabulous message!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So Excited!

I get to go see my friend Shannon! She is one of my buddies from our old church. We sang together, were in Sunday school together, our kids played together all the time. I haven't seen her since we left for PUMC. I know it's only been a month, but I have missed her a lot! She, with Bonnie, is my closest friend. The three of us started scrapbooking together, and now without them I don't do it at all! They are my buddies!!!!

We get to go swimming with her and FIVE of her SIX kids tomorrow too. Oh, Bliss!!! It'll be good to have girlfriend time again.

Edited at 10:06 PM:
Just got home from Shannon's. It was an awesome time! I feel like I hadn't had anyone to talk to lately. You know, really, girlfriend talk. Gigi, Mom, Nikki - they are all super people, and I love them dearly. But they're FAMILY. And you can't talk to FAMILY the way you talk to your best girlfriends! That's just the way it is.

Cheeseman and Shalee were so cute! That's Shannon's youngest. They are the same age, and the best buds. After dinner, most of the kids went out to play on the trampoline or swings, but Cheeseman wanted to play more video games (they had TMNT). So he asked Shalee to come play with him, and she RAN up the stairs! She even gave him a hug good-bye.

Bman had fun too. Their other girl, Cecelia, loves to boss him around. And he likes it. They drive around in her pink Jeep all over the yard. He just squeals and laughs! He tried to jump rope with Derek and Jonathan too. It was pretty funny, since Bman can only jump about an inch off the ground. He kept getting hit in the legs with the rope. But it didn't stop him from trying again and again. Then he wanted to turn the rope. Needless to say, his little 2 and 1/2 year old self could not turn the rope up high enough for those big kids! But he tried.

We all had a wonderful time. It was worth keeping the kids up till ten, just for all the fun they had. And we are going to the pool with them tomorrow as well! Love it!!!

The New Seven Wonders of the World

Evidently, the old Seven Wonders were not of any use anymore. You know, since only one of them actually still exists. I'd been to that one! The Great Pyramid at Giza. So, some scientists (?) got together as they like to do. Well, I don't know about that. I found, through another blog, that there was actually an opportunity to vote for these NEW Wonders! Of course, I only found out today. And the vote ended last week. They have already announced the new Wonders!

Check out the New Seven Wonders website to see all the pictures and stuff. How neat!

The best part, to me, is that I've already seen two of the seven! The Roman Colosseum and Petra, Jordan. Neat-o! Now, who is going to finance my trip to the other five???? I'm taking donations!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I get a title today!

And nothing fancy to title it. Just another regular day in the neighborhood. Except that my gel nail came off my pointer finger on my left hand. Damn! Now I really need to find someone to watch the boys tomorrow so that I can go get my nails done. Otherwise, they will all have to come off again. Such a pain.

Today was just a long day at work. Nothing exciting. I saw one of my students. It rained really, really hard. I got a bday present from one of my managers, Mandy. She is super nice! It is a 2008 box calender, with full color photos of Italy! My favorite place! Where I am going again next summer! I am excited! Anyway, there was also a card, signed by a bunch of the people I work with. It played music - YMCA! Hmmm... need to get that one for my iPod.

By the way, thanks Bro! I have already spent all but 25 cents of the $25 iTunes gift card you sent. I love music, what can I say!? It was lots of 80s tunes. Wish I could find Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me." I would LOVE to have that one for my iPod.

Had dinner at Mom and Jane's again. What am I going to do tomorrow? Guess the boys and I will have to scrounge together a meal. They only eat chicken fingers and hot dogs, though. Yuck. Maybe some mac'n'cheese. If I can get Bman to sit still long enough to eat! I'd like to try some new WW recipes, but I don't know that the kids will eat them. Maybe just enough for me.

Going to do Beth Moore Bible study now. Jesus, the One and Only. Ain't it the truth?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still no way to write a title. This is annoying me, even though the title of a post was often the hardest part for me. It's like naming a story. You have to capture the essence in just a few words. How do authors do that? I am continually amazed at that at work. They must be very creative people.

Today was a long day. I worked at BAM all day. My feet hurt. I really wish Hubs were home so that he could rub them. My feet!!!

Where were the boys? Bman went to daycare. We haven't used it in a few weeks. We're only paying half each week, to hold his spot. But we were desperate and Jane can only handle one of the boys at a time. Evidently, they can be overwhelming. So Cheeseman went to Nanas house. First, though, they went to a free movie with Aunt Nikki and Madison. They saw Everybody's Hero. He said it was good. I asked what it was about. "Baseball" that's all he remembers. Oh, to have the ability to be so concise.

A cute thing Cheeseman keeps doing: "Are you my conscience?" I don't know where he got that from. I know Pinnochio asks Jiminy Cricket that in Pinnochio, but I don't think the boys have seen that movie. If they did, it wasn't at our house. For all the Disney movies we have, we don't have that one. (hint, hint. I'd like it!) Anyway, Hubs and I have tried to explain that God is his conscience, but he does not seem to care. I think he just likes asking.

Another thing he does, which can get annoying at times, is ask "what's after bedtime?" Then, "what's after waking up time?" and further "what's after breakfast?" and on and on and on. Until you're at the next day and making up what's next. My word! That boy loves to hear himself speak!

Bman is also loquacious (look at my big word). The problem is, you can only understand about half of what he says. Power Ranger becomes "pow jane ger." It's an issue. So this Friday, we are starting speech therapy. ONE HOUR EVERY WEEK. Um, I don't know what kind of crazy that woman is, but Bman is NOT going to sit and work with her for an hour. Never gonna happen. That boy can't even sit still for a 20 minute cartoon! It's worth a shot though. The therapist, Jill, said that his main problem is enunciation. Sigh. I thought my kids were going to be perfect.

In other, unrelated, slightly strange, news, I got a random email today. From an old boyfriend. That I was engaged to. On my work email, of all places. Just a note to wish me a happy birthday. It was odd. I wrote back thanks, and the family is all fine. It was just so out of the blue. I haven't seen him, even in passing, in over two years. I run into his mom occasionally, because she works in the same school district as I do. Last I heard, he was married with a couple of kids. Dunno. It was nice of him to write though. I can't believe he remembered my birthday. I have NO IDEA when his is. Early in the year maybe?

I've been reading this devotional, Streams in the Desert. It is great! Today's entry really spoke to me:
No prayer is ever lost, or any prayer ever breathed in vain. There is no such thing as prayer unanswered or unnoticed by God, and some things we see as refusals or denials are simply delays. Christ sometimes delays His help so He may test our faith and energize our prayers. Our boat may be tossed by the waves while He continues to sleep, but He will awake before it sinks. He sleeps but He never oversleeps, for He is never too late.

Chew on that. I know, personally, there have been many times I've wondered if God was listening. Mostly when Cheeseman was so sick and in the hospital. Why couldn't he get well? Or when Hubs was struggling so hard with school. Why couldn't he do better? I know in my head that God is hearing me, and that He will do what is best according to His will. I just need to keep on praying, because God is hearing me and doing His thing.

"And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened...If you, then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!" Luke 11: 9-11, 13

Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Why won't Blogger let me enter a title for my entry? It wouldn't yesterday either. What gives?

Hubs remembered to call this morning! I was going to seriously divorce him if he couldn't find someone's cell to borrow. He hardly gets service anywhere. I think something is wrong with his phone. Mine gets service everywhere! Anyway, he's having a good time at Salkehatchie. He's not on one main site this year. Just kind of driving around wherever they need him.

I got my bday present from Dad and Gigi today. The card is SO cute!! It's one of those cards that plays music. It plays "Bear Necessities" from the Jungle Book movie. I LOVE that movie! Only my dad could have picked that out for me. They also got me the City On a Hill CD set. I am importing it onto iTunes right now. Love me some praise music!

Cheeseman, Bman, and I have had an eventful morning/day. We went to the post office, but I couldn't remember the correct zip code for my in-laws, so that was a waste. Then we went out to lunch at Applebee's. Bman didn't eat anything. (Skipped breakfast too - wonder what's up with him?) The boys got balloons, which they played with very well. Cheeseman mostly sat still and ate. Bman was all over, as usual. But he mostly stayed near the table, so that was good. Our waiter was REALLY super nice. And helpful. He tied slipknots at the end of the balloon ribbons, so we were able to attach the balloons to the toys.

Afterwards, we went to the grocery store. I spent WAY too much money. It was a lot of junk food, I must admit. But it was good-for-you junk. Like Baked Lays. And Weight Watchers snacks. And there was lots of fruits and veggies as well. Bman is CRAZY for fruit.

As an aside, why won't my left breast stay in my bra cup? The right one is fine. But the left one bulges out. It is quite unseemly.

Anyways, we head to my mom's for a cookout tonight. My sister, her husband, and daughter will be there as well. Mom and Jane just got a pool for the yard, so I imagine there will be some swimming going on. Good. The boys like the pool. I hope the clouds hold off. Or not. It is insanely humid outside right now.

I just found out that my stepmom, affectionately known as Gigi, reads my blog. I will be on my best behavior from now on. I don't want my family knowing ALL of my business.

9:58--It is now after dinner. The day is mostly over. The kids are asleep. They almost fell asleep on the drive home. It was a little late. Bad mommy. But they did get a bath, and I didn't have to give it! I did have to change Cheeseman's bag, though. Yuck. But he was really good and laid still.

The boys had such a fun time tonight. When we got there, it hadn't started raining yet, so they got to swim in Nanas' new pool. They are really getting into that swimming thing. Nikki got them Spiderman floaties, so now they are much more confident. And Nanas got them water guns too! They were just beside themselves.

Then cousin Madison arrived. The party really started up! And then it rained. The cookout got moved into the garage. The kids all went inside and played Hullaballoo. It was a cute game. We will have to get that once Bman figures out his colors and shapes. Then it was time to eat. I was really good tonight. I only had one burger, no cheese, corn on the cob and a pickle. Then later, had a bowl of fresh watermelon. MMMMMMMM...... I love watermelon! Jane even put candles in it so we could pretend it was a birthday cake. You know, since I'm on a diet and all.

We had a fun time watching the kids dance to one of my gifts, the soundtrack to Happy Feet. We saw it at the free movies last week, and loved the songs. The kids were so cute! Especially Bman and Madison. They are crazy dancers! I also like my new flashdrive I got from my sis. Thanks, Nikki! (Even though you didn't say happy b-day to me until about an hour after you got there!)

It was a nice day. Thanks to everyone for all the nice gifts! Even my "baby" brother, who is getting married in less than 3 weeks, remembered to call. Without being prompted by my mom! Guess he really IS growing up.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Something weird is going on. The kids are asleep. I'm at the computer. Oh, yeah, Hubs is not home. This week, Hubs has gone away. He is participating in Salkehatchie Summer Service. If you have not heard of this, it is a wonderful mission opportunity.

Basically, a group of adults and youth (mostly youth) go out into a community and fix up houses. The catch is, these are very NEEDY houses. Many of them have holes in the walls/floors/roofs. They have no air or heat. They have water that doesn't work. These homes are also usually full of people. One at their camp this year has about 11 people living in it. I have seen the "before" photos, and they are often horrific. It is sad and scary to think that people actually live in conditions like these for extended time.

This year, the Calhoun County Camp is servicing about 5 houses, I think. They do all this using donated items such as used mattresses, sinks, stoves, refrigerators, etc. They paint walls, install fans, lay carpet, and change lives. It happens from Sunday (today) until Friday. It's like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, only without all the money and camera crews. The volunteers stay in the local middle school. Their food is provided by local churches. They pay $200 a person for the privilege of participating.

This is Hubs' 5th year, I believe. Every year, this camp falls on my birthday week. (It's tomorrow, by the way.) Do mind that he misses my big day? Not much. The fact that he is out there, making the world a little bit better for a needy family makes it okay.

I miss him already. It is lonely in this house without him, even with the kids. They cannot make up for the large cold spot in the bed.

By the way, I ate way to much tonight at Mom's. Why is it that whenever I go over there, I feel the need to eat everything in sight? Ugh!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Whole Year

I just realized that I have been doing this for a whole year. I have kept up a hobby for more than a few months. And Hubs said I have a short attention span. This from the poster child for ADHD. Geez! I am so excited! A whole year! Amazing!

Happy 18th Anniversary to Dad and Glenna!

Anyway, this was not a good day for me. The beginning showed some promise. Cheeseman got up early but Hubs took him and Bman out to the living room to play. I got to sleep in about another hour. Yay! Had some fruit for breakfast. Then Hubs left for church, and I finished getting the boys ready.

We walked over a little before Sunday school time. The boys played in the nursery until Cheeseman's teacher got there. Still, no problems. Bman stayed in the nursery, playing with all the little cars and such. He was having a great time with the tractor.

Then we went upstairs to the sanctuary for the worship service. And it all fell apart. Suddenly, Cheeseman and Bman were devil children. They would not sit still. They colored on my nice, white pants. (I know, what was I thinking?) Bman started running up and down the middle aisle! During the opening prayer! I was mortified! As soon as Hubs finished with the children's moments, I took them both out. Back to the nursery.

That lasted about 15 minutes. Then they started fighting over the plastic slide. It was awful. They were yelling, and it was hurting my ears. So I walked them back home. Of course, then they just kept on. And they found their little plastic guns, so they started shooting each other too.

I was livid! We only have communion once a month at PUMC, and this was the week. So I missed it. I missed Hubs' sermon again. I missed singing. I missed the whole dang service! And I actually look forward to it every week! I have just begun being a Pastor's wife, so I have not yet learned to hate it. Not that I would, but I really like going to church. I hope this is not going to be a weekly thing. And the problem is, my two are the youngest in the whole church. There is no one in the nursery to staff it during worship. No one else needs it. Just me. And I have no help, because Hubs is up front leading the service! Argh!!! I thought the crayons and coloring books would help! What do I do??????

Anyway, the boys beat each other up most of the afternoon, until Bman passed out from exhaustion during the reading of Jonah. Hubs was also taking a nap. Then finally Cheeseman fell asleep, but not until AFTER his colostomy bag leaked and I had to change it. Again.

What a day!

Oh, and did I mention that we ate at Mom and Jane's tonight? I had 2 helpings of spaghetti. 2 pieces of cheesy bread. AND ice cream with chocolate syrup. It would not have been so bad if we hadn't eaten at McDonald's last night. I am out of flex points for the week already! And last week I put on 4 pounds while at Disney. I am feeling really dejected right now.