Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Whole Year

I just realized that I have been doing this for a whole year. I have kept up a hobby for more than a few months. And Hubs said I have a short attention span. This from the poster child for ADHD. Geez! I am so excited! A whole year! Amazing!

Happy 18th Anniversary to Dad and Glenna!

Anyway, this was not a good day for me. The beginning showed some promise. Cheeseman got up early but Hubs took him and Bman out to the living room to play. I got to sleep in about another hour. Yay! Had some fruit for breakfast. Then Hubs left for church, and I finished getting the boys ready.

We walked over a little before Sunday school time. The boys played in the nursery until Cheeseman's teacher got there. Still, no problems. Bman stayed in the nursery, playing with all the little cars and such. He was having a great time with the tractor.

Then we went upstairs to the sanctuary for the worship service. And it all fell apart. Suddenly, Cheeseman and Bman were devil children. They would not sit still. They colored on my nice, white pants. (I know, what was I thinking?) Bman started running up and down the middle aisle! During the opening prayer! I was mortified! As soon as Hubs finished with the children's moments, I took them both out. Back to the nursery.

That lasted about 15 minutes. Then they started fighting over the plastic slide. It was awful. They were yelling, and it was hurting my ears. So I walked them back home. Of course, then they just kept on. And they found their little plastic guns, so they started shooting each other too.

I was livid! We only have communion once a month at PUMC, and this was the week. So I missed it. I missed Hubs' sermon again. I missed singing. I missed the whole dang service! And I actually look forward to it every week! I have just begun being a Pastor's wife, so I have not yet learned to hate it. Not that I would, but I really like going to church. I hope this is not going to be a weekly thing. And the problem is, my two are the youngest in the whole church. There is no one in the nursery to staff it during worship. No one else needs it. Just me. And I have no help, because Hubs is up front leading the service! Argh!!! I thought the crayons and coloring books would help! What do I do??????

Anyway, the boys beat each other up most of the afternoon, until Bman passed out from exhaustion during the reading of Jonah. Hubs was also taking a nap. Then finally Cheeseman fell asleep, but not until AFTER his colostomy bag leaked and I had to change it. Again.

What a day!

Oh, and did I mention that we ate at Mom and Jane's tonight? I had 2 helpings of spaghetti. 2 pieces of cheesy bread. AND ice cream with chocolate syrup. It would not have been so bad if we hadn't eaten at McDonald's last night. I am out of flex points for the week already! And last week I put on 4 pounds while at Disney. I am feeling really dejected right now.


Anonymous said...

Mamma C,
My name is Jennifer. I read your post on the Living Proof Website regarding the husband survey that Beth Moore did. I wanted to know if you would email me. I just needed someone to talk to about the issues you particularly mentioned in your comment. Thank you so much for your time. My email address:

Nikki said...

I wish I had an answer to your problem...because I have the same problem...sort of.

My son - who is a little over 2 behaves like a demon child in church. I CANNOT take him. The nursery is understaffed - and his behaviour in santuary is horrifying and embarrassing. I haven't been to church for over a year...and I miss it.

Can't leave him at home....sunday is daddy's sleep in day.....yes, I'm pissed about that btw.

Sayre said...

Hopefully it will get better. Perhaps the boys are acting out because things are so different (to them) since the move to a new church. It might be good to see if there's a teenager or four willing to do nursery duty on a monthly rotation. Then the kids would be out of the way and you could enjoy a little God and Hubs time without the distractions. Talk to your husband about this. He might be able to influence this some. heck, there might be more people coming if a nursery was available...

Mama C said...

Jennifer- I will get back to you.

Nikki- Nice to meet you. This is our first church appointment since Hubs started Seminary. This is totally new to me, since we've always had a well-staffed nursery at our disposal. I would shrivel up if I couldn't go to church.

Sayre- There is ONE teenager at the church, and HE is a boy. The youngest other kids are 5, 6, and 10. It's a small church. We'll see how they do next week! then reevaluate and see if we need the help. Who knows? They may behave!