Sunday, July 29, 2007

At the Beach?

We are here. Here we are. Litchfield By the Sea. Sounds like a novel or something, doesn't it? We arrived about an hour ago. The children are already at the pool. Yes, the pool. Not the beach. That's okay. Evidently they are saving that for tomorrow. All day. Sounds fun! We can't actually see the beach from our house. We do have some sort of water out the back. The view is pretty. And our bedroom, I think, faces the ocean direction, so we'll get the sunrise. That's one of my favorite views.

So, why am I not at the pool? Because I need some down time. I am tired of being the one who looks after the kids near the water. Besides, Nikki (who wishes from hereforth to be called Nicole) and Mike are with Hubs. They'll be fine. I just dont know if I can handle all this togetherness! There are relatives as far as the eye can see. I believe my initial count was correct. There are 28 of us here. Oh. My. God!

And I would like to mention, for the record, that I am angry at my dad. He and Gigi had talked about coming to church with us this morning, to hear Hubs preach. My dad is a pastor, so this is pretty much his only chance. You know, since he works most Sunday mornings. But then, when I saw them Friday night, Gigi tells me that they're not coming. Because it would cut into their beach time. What the f*ck!? They only got here an hour before we did! And they are not even at the beach! Gigi is at the grocery store. I'm not sure what Dad is doing. Probably at the pool with the kids.

Really. I am very hurt. And Hubs is hurt too. This church is a big deal. And his sermon today was AWESOME! The first few weeks it was so-so, but he's really getting better! The little old lady who sits behind us even said that he did a great job today.

Just thought I'd let that out.

Anyway, Chris and Kristen's wedding went well. It was very pretty, and I almost succeeded at not crying. But when my little brother started saying his vows, "honor and cherish" and all that, I couldn't help it. Kristen looked so pretty! Her dress was satin-y with this gorgeous beading all around the hem. And the train. Lovely! The boys had a good time at the reception. B-rex is a crazy dancer. He actually (getting teary) came over to me and held his little hand out and led me onto the dance floor! He wanted to dance with his mommy! So sweet! Cheese wasn't as into the whole dancing thing. He mostly sat with his Nanas and ate. He did try to dance once or twice. Hubs and I danced to "our" song: Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis. So sweet!

Can't wait to see how this vacation turns out!


Nicole said...

For the record, the reason it took Dad & G so long to get to the beach is b/c it took US that long to pack! I told you we weren't even close to being done when we got back from Greenville Saturday night. I was still washing clothes. I know you were upset at the moment, but I hope you didn't let it ruin your vacation.

Besides, G & Dad did a LOT for us this week - don't forget that.

Nikki said...

I'm glad that hubs is doing well in the pulpit...

...and I hope you two are doing okay.