Thursday, July 19, 2007

Swimming again

Nikki- We had so much fun again today swimming with you and Madison. The boys LOVE the water! Last summer, we went to visit my dad. B-Rex got in the water, but he didn't really have a choice. We put him in one of those baby floats and set him sail. Cheese didn't want to get into the water at all. In fact, he just stood on the side of the pool and threw the water ball to us the whole time. This summer, they are both lovin' the water.

Cheese got right in today. I think going swimming with Shalee last week really helped. And seeing Madison able to swim too. He's really kicking out there. He still doesn't want to jump in and get his face wet, but it'll come. I just hate that we have to take breaks because his bag comes unglued. Oh, well. He sat on his towel today until it dried out a little bit. Then we taped him up and let him back in.

B-rex is a maniac. If I would let him, he'd jump off the diving board. No, really. He would. He is fearless! He asked a couple of times today, but I persuaded him not to. I did throw him around a bit, and he did okay going under the water. He didn't like it, but he did okay. Maybe we'll just keep trying that.

This week has been tiring. It's hard being at work all day. My legs are sooooooo tired! And my feet! Ouch! But it'll be worth the paycheck at the end, right? Hubs is out looking for a job right now. He's thinking about waiting tables again. At Arizona Steakhouse. We haven't even eaten there! Come to think of it, we haven't gone out for my birthday dinner. Or my birthday movie. Hey! He owes me a date! Maybe we can get the Nanas to watch the kids one night next week. Hmm, but Chris' wedding is next weekend. Nanas probably don't need anymore stress than they already have.

Yes, in one week, my baby brother is getting married. Wow! I need to go pick up my bridesmaid's dress. Maybe after work tomorrow.

Oh, and I weigh 152.1 lbs. As of this morning. We'll see if it stays that way till tomorrow, the official weigh-in day.

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Sayre said...

Oh! 152! Congratulations!!!! I might make it there next year (my last weigh in was 218, so I have a long way to go).

I am always amazed at how gracefully people like you deal with the difficulties of a physical impairment. Swimming with the bag must be a hassle, but at least you guys are swimming!!!!