Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I get a title today!

And nothing fancy to title it. Just another regular day in the neighborhood. Except that my gel nail came off my pointer finger on my left hand. Damn! Now I really need to find someone to watch the boys tomorrow so that I can go get my nails done. Otherwise, they will all have to come off again. Such a pain.

Today was just a long day at work. Nothing exciting. I saw one of my students. It rained really, really hard. I got a bday present from one of my managers, Mandy. She is super nice! It is a 2008 box calender, with full color photos of Italy! My favorite place! Where I am going again next summer! I am excited! Anyway, there was also a card, signed by a bunch of the people I work with. It played music - YMCA! Hmmm... need to get that one for my iPod.

By the way, thanks Bro! I have already spent all but 25 cents of the $25 iTunes gift card you sent. I love music, what can I say!? It was lots of 80s tunes. Wish I could find Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me." I would LOVE to have that one for my iPod.

Had dinner at Mom and Jane's again. What am I going to do tomorrow? Guess the boys and I will have to scrounge together a meal. They only eat chicken fingers and hot dogs, though. Yuck. Maybe some mac'n'cheese. If I can get Bman to sit still long enough to eat! I'd like to try some new WW recipes, but I don't know that the kids will eat them. Maybe just enough for me.

Going to do Beth Moore Bible study now. Jesus, the One and Only. Ain't it the truth?

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