Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Why won't Blogger let me enter a title for my entry? It wouldn't yesterday either. What gives?

Hubs remembered to call this morning! I was going to seriously divorce him if he couldn't find someone's cell to borrow. He hardly gets service anywhere. I think something is wrong with his phone. Mine gets service everywhere! Anyway, he's having a good time at Salkehatchie. He's not on one main site this year. Just kind of driving around wherever they need him.

I got my bday present from Dad and Gigi today. The card is SO cute!! It's one of those cards that plays music. It plays "Bear Necessities" from the Jungle Book movie. I LOVE that movie! Only my dad could have picked that out for me. They also got me the City On a Hill CD set. I am importing it onto iTunes right now. Love me some praise music!

Cheeseman, Bman, and I have had an eventful morning/day. We went to the post office, but I couldn't remember the correct zip code for my in-laws, so that was a waste. Then we went out to lunch at Applebee's. Bman didn't eat anything. (Skipped breakfast too - wonder what's up with him?) The boys got balloons, which they played with very well. Cheeseman mostly sat still and ate. Bman was all over, as usual. But he mostly stayed near the table, so that was good. Our waiter was REALLY super nice. And helpful. He tied slipknots at the end of the balloon ribbons, so we were able to attach the balloons to the toys.

Afterwards, we went to the grocery store. I spent WAY too much money. It was a lot of junk food, I must admit. But it was good-for-you junk. Like Baked Lays. And Weight Watchers snacks. And there was lots of fruits and veggies as well. Bman is CRAZY for fruit.

As an aside, why won't my left breast stay in my bra cup? The right one is fine. But the left one bulges out. It is quite unseemly.

Anyways, we head to my mom's for a cookout tonight. My sister, her husband, and daughter will be there as well. Mom and Jane just got a pool for the yard, so I imagine there will be some swimming going on. Good. The boys like the pool. I hope the clouds hold off. Or not. It is insanely humid outside right now.

I just found out that my stepmom, affectionately known as Gigi, reads my blog. I will be on my best behavior from now on. I don't want my family knowing ALL of my business.

9:58--It is now after dinner. The day is mostly over. The kids are asleep. They almost fell asleep on the drive home. It was a little late. Bad mommy. But they did get a bath, and I didn't have to give it! I did have to change Cheeseman's bag, though. Yuck. But he was really good and laid still.

The boys had such a fun time tonight. When we got there, it hadn't started raining yet, so they got to swim in Nanas' new pool. They are really getting into that swimming thing. Nikki got them Spiderman floaties, so now they are much more confident. And Nanas got them water guns too! They were just beside themselves.

Then cousin Madison arrived. The party really started up! And then it rained. The cookout got moved into the garage. The kids all went inside and played Hullaballoo. It was a cute game. We will have to get that once Bman figures out his colors and shapes. Then it was time to eat. I was really good tonight. I only had one burger, no cheese, corn on the cob and a pickle. Then later, had a bowl of fresh watermelon. MMMMMMMM...... I love watermelon! Jane even put candles in it so we could pretend it was a birthday cake. You know, since I'm on a diet and all.

We had a fun time watching the kids dance to one of my gifts, the soundtrack to Happy Feet. We saw it at the free movies last week, and loved the songs. The kids were so cute! Especially Bman and Madison. They are crazy dancers! I also like my new flashdrive I got from my sis. Thanks, Nikki! (Even though you didn't say happy b-day to me until about an hour after you got there!)

It was a nice day. Thanks to everyone for all the nice gifts! Even my "baby" brother, who is getting married in less than 3 weeks, remembered to call. Without being prompted by my mom! Guess he really IS growing up.


Sayre said...

Happy birthday, Mama C!

Oh, and I'm having that problem with Blogger too. I have two blogs and it's only happening on one. Weird.

Gigi said...

I'm sorry to disturb your privacy, but I enjoy reading your postings. You are a good writer and it helps me keep up with you. Sometimes on the phone, with the boys, it's hard to talk.