Wednesday, April 07, 2010

vacation boredom

you've all been on vacation. The first couple of days are like a honeymoon. Everything is exciting and new! You are enjoying the kids for the first time in ages. Then, about day four, reality sets in. You've done all the cool stuff, and you're stuck watching cartoons.

This feeling is amplified when you are visiting family during your vacation. Of course you don't expect them to take off the whole time you're there. After all, they do have to earn a living, and it's not like they want to waste all their vacation time on you. I am there. We spent the last couple of days exploring the Prattville area. Now, the grandparents have returned to work, and I don't know my way around town. So we're sitting here at their house watching cartoons. Which we could be doing at our house.

How do we beat the vacation blues? How do I entertain the kids the rest of the day today and ALL day tomorrow? Please give mesome ideas!!

And when I'm bored, I tend to snack. Not good!

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