Friday, July 28, 2006

Unexpected Changes

So there it was, an ordinary day in the life of a mom. I took Colby to the doctor for a follow-up appointment. I told the doc how he'd been feeling bad and running a fever. So, the doc says, let's get a CT scan. Okay, no problem. We stayed in the hospital overnight. I expected that if they found something, it would be easy to remedy. Nope, nothing doing.

Instead, we're looking at another colostomy. For the next six months to a year. I thought we were done. I thought he would be "normal." That he would be able to go to school with the other kids. That he would potty train again. Nope.

All we ever want for our children is for them to be healthy and happy. Every parent says that: I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, as long as they're healthy. And here we are. He's my baby. All I want is for him to be healthy. Is that so much to ask?

Honestly, I'm a little angry, and sad, and hurt. I don't understand why God is allowing this to happen to Colby. I know, consiously, that God doesn't make people sick. And I know the He will use all things, good and bad, as part of His master plan. But I fail to see how this could possibly move toward a positive end result. If only there were some way to see into the future, to know how this is going to turn out.


Kristin said...

Wow. I don't know your son's health history (will look through your archives) but I sure am sorry you are having to go through this... poor boy... I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Nikki said...

I know just what you mean.

My son was born very ill and had a NICU stay and then got worse and had surgery and then got ill again...

it was terrible. The mental strain was just awful. I was very angry and frustrated, even knowing that HE was there.

It was the watching him suffer.

My son got all better, yours will too, don't worry.