Monday, August 14, 2006

Chronicles of an Ass

Thanks to Sayre for reminding me to show my ass today. It's been such an overwhelming day that I almost forgot. So here it is... ta da!

Anyway, the important stuff to know:
Age: 31
Height: 5'3" (plus almost a half)
Weight: 159 as of this morning
Pants size: 12
Target pants size: 10

I know this is not a huge, lofty goal. But honestly, I was reading Losing a Hundredweight, and I was so inspired to eat healthy! I told my hubs all about it, and he agreed. This was, of course, after I'd gone to the grocery store in the rain with both kids. So, after it stopped raining, he went back to the store and bought some actual good-for-you stuff.

Our biggest problem now is that both our children are really small for their age. In the "less than 5%" in weight. They've always been that way, even back when I was breastfeeding. It's a fact of life. So, hubs and I are eating good, healthy, small portions, but we're trying to put weight on the kids. And face it, Doritos are going to put more weight on a kid than a bowl of strawberries for snack. So, we're giving them our stuff, but extra junk too. Like mac'n'cheese, which they love. Or, we make them mashed potatoes with whole milk. And they love cheese on EVERYTHING. We're fattening them up, a little bit at a time.


Oh, The Joys said...

Nice butt!! Really. I mean it. Good luck with Nikki's thing. I'm too afraid to fail to do it!!

Nikki said...


You got blogger to work! Good luck mama c.

I will now talk a lot of smack to you.

Grilled Cheese


Spagettii with meatballs

Baked Ziti with meatsauce

Peanut butter cookies


Joy - I think you are an absolutely lovely person, and I really mean that. Be true to who you are, you won't fail at anything.

Christina_the_wench said...

Nice ass. Ok, that felt just wrong saying to a female.

That nikki chick...she is one cruel mofo.

34quinn said...

me next ..I haven't shown my ass yet but did post my stats and a pic of myself. Will get my ass photo up asap.

NOTE: I had word varification my eyesight must suck cause I am on the forth time trying to type it correctly

Mama C said...

Thanks. I don't really like my booty much. I think it's way too big.

Nikki- You are evil. I love tacos! How did you know? It must be my 1/2 Mexican side.

Nikki said...

LOL - I'm a taco eatin FOOOOLLL.

I fixed them the other night...last friday and pigged the heck out. Then tonight (tuesday), daugher and hubby got Taco Bell (not real tacos but I love the way they make those calories taste). I thought I was going to die watching them eat all that yummy stuff....with extra sour cream. GAH!

Sayre said...

Stop with the mexican food talk - I am drooling!

We closed on the house yesterday and celebrated with sushi. I have NO IDEA how to count that... so I won't. But I feel good today, so I must not have been too bad!

For the rest of you: