Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seriously, Bad Night

Bad night. Again, I just have to ask WHY? Why me? Why now? What is the plan in all of this? How is all this stress making me a better person? When I get to heaven, God and I are going to have a serious talk. It will be me asking, What the f*ck was up with all that stress??? And God will be pointing at me and laughing, Ha-ha! Got you!

So there I was, being all good after Praise Team practice. I'd had a great time, singing, being silly, praising the Creator. I was on the phone with my mom, had turned on the car and was backing out of the parking space. Then there was this REALLY LOUD noise, like a car with one of those giant mufflers that always drives by your house and wakes up your kids. I thought it was one of the guys getting on his motorcycle. Then I realized that he wasn't near his cycle, and that my car was the only thing on in the parking lot. Shit. I got off the phone and climbed out of the car. One of the guys, Mike, says "It sounds like your muffler fell off." So he kneels down and looks under the car. Well, it wasn't the muffler. It was something much further up toward the front. He also used the words catalytic converter. Either way, something had disconnected itself from the underside of my car. And it was making a lot of noise. I used some words that have probably never been said in a church parking lot before.

I couldn't get hold of hubs on the phone because he was still in class. So I called my mommy to come get me. [Thank God she lives in town!] I had to leave the car there. Now, we've got to wake the kids up super-early so the family can have "Take Your Mommy To Work" day in the morning. Then hubs has to take them to daycare/preschool. Then he has to find someone who can tow that thing to a mechanic who will HOPEFULLY be able to fix it fairly quickly. We are most certainly a 2-car family. We have trouble functioning when we only have one car. It's not pretty. Arguments ensue.

On the fun side, hmm... I'm racking my brain and I cannot think of what the fun side is. We had Open House at school tonight. It was only for 6th grade parents, so it wasn't too bad. Good news: LP's mom has not called my principal back. Maybe she has gotten some help from a psychologist or something. Yay! And my Mary Kay business is picking up some. Obviously, we need the money. Guess it's good that hubs went and picked up his loan check today from school. There was some extra there we weren't counting on. Guess what it's being used for????

And I feel like I need to clarify that my husband is not a total deadbeat. He's actually a really good guy. Like any other man, he can be insensitive and selfish sometimes. But underneath it all, he's a good, Christian man that I'm glad I married and had babies with. If I didn't have him, I would be lost!!!

AND, in OLTA news: my size 12s are getting a bit loose. Hmmmm, maybe I will get some new pants soon. Maybe I will be a size 8 again! I am going to wi-in! (in a sing-song voice)


Sayre said...

Oh, Mama C... I never meant to imply that your husband was a deadbeat. Just that he was expecting more of you than you were able to deal with right now. I've been in that boat. My husband was laid off and unemployed (officially) for 6 years. He worked some freelance, but you never knew when the money would come, or how much - so it was really hard to plan around. And it was never quite enough. But I love him and I've still got him! And he's employed again. Whew!

Sorry to hear about the car. That seriously sucks. I think God might forgive the language in his parking lot. He knew what was going on, after all.

You must have a better Wednesday!

Sayre said...

Oh - and those size 12s? Way to go!

Oh, The Joys said...

Congrats on the loose pants!!

I hope your car woes are brief!

Nikki said...

Mama C, I'm all for kickin' any man, mine included. I was just happy that you were willing to join in the fun. ;D

Good job on the pants, but they look terrible being so loose. Eat cake, they'll look better soon.

You're gonna loooooossssseee.

Oh, The Joys said...

Mama C:

Re the banner... I just like it. No reason. I saw it on another site and liked it.