Sunday, July 20, 2008

Give me Liberty!

Today was by far the most relaxing day we've had so far. While yesterday was nice, I still didn't feel like it was very relaxing. But today, today was relaxed.

I slept late. And by late, I mean like 8:30! Went down, had some breakfast. Came back upstairs. Read my new book for a little while.

But I was bored. Who knew? Who would have ever thought?

So I went out with Diana and Carrie.

We started out the day at the Borghese Gardens. Lovely. We saw the Temple of Aesclepious. He was thought to be the healing god. People would go to his temple to be healed of their ailments. (I could really use him right now, because I have a splitting headache!)

There is a little pond in front of his temple. You can rent rowboats. Which kind of worries me, because the pond is really not all that big. But whatever! There were some fish, ducks, and turtles hanging out in the water.

Then we went over to this fountain. It has the inscription: VITAE LAUDEM MURMURE SUO FONS CANIT. "The fountain sings the praise of life with its own murmur." Nice, huh? We sat there for a while, just being. I like being. It's nice.

Then we went over to the Villa Julia. Which sounds like it should be a house. Belonging to someone named Julia. And perhaps at some point it was. However, now it is a museum. Yes, I went to another one. But this one had lots of pretty gardens outside. Pretty. Inside, there were lots of things. Urns, bowls, mirrors, cups, swords, things from temples, jewelry. Wow! We were there about 2 hours.

I think that I have officially met my museum quota for the next 10 years. Seriously.

Anyway, after that, we needed some fun. So, Carrie wanted to get a tshirt from the Hard Rock Cafe. Coincidentaly, we were not too far away from the Cafe. So we went. And it was AWESOME! I had a bacon cheeseburger and french fries. It was like heaven. Really. Grease never tasted so good! I even stopped being so homesick for a couple of hours. It was nice.

And our waiter was cool. When Diana told him that we were Latin teachers, he started quoting Catullus at us! What are the chances?

In all, it was a fun day. Very relaxing. Which is good, since we start again tomorrow. Only 5 more days of go-go-go. Then 2 more days of rest. Then the plane ride. Then I'm HOME!

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