Thursday, July 10, 2008

Isle of Capri

Today was such a fun day. I got to sleep in until after 8:00! Then, I went with some of my new friends to Capri. We took the HydroFoil over to the island. It's like a giant speedboat. Very choppy waters on the way over. I almost lost my crossaint. Then we rode up the funicular (cable car) and walked up to the Villa Iovis. It's where the emperor Tiberius lived the last 10 or so years of his life. Anyway, it is all the way up on the northeast tip of the island. It took about an hour to walk up there. But the view!!! So worth it.

Then we went to the beach. I can't wait to show everyone the pictures! The beach is all rocks. Smooth rocks, but still rocks. I had to wear my flip-flops into the water, because walking on the rocks hurt my feet. The water there is so clear! And I think even more so because there is no sand to muck it up. We stayed there for a couple of hours, then went to catch the boat back to the mainland.

The mainland 'porto' is Sorrento. Such a beautiful city! One of my favorite places in Italia. We walked up to the main square and found a place for dinner. I had a yummy pizza with cheese, ham, and mushrooms. So good! And a tomato salad (sliced tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and some herbs - mmmmmm!). Once we all finished eating, we decided to go back to Pompeii where we are staying. We caught the Circumvesuviana (the local train), and headed back.

It was such a great day. Tomorrow, we only have a short session in the morning, then the rest of the day free again. I think some people are talking about going back to Sorrento. We didn't really get to look around there much, and I would like to buy folks some souvenirs!

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