Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some pictures!

Here are some pictures from Rome. I have tried to be brief in my explanations, but I can't make any promises! I am a teacher after all!

Pink Puffy tree outside of our hotel. These are actually called mimosa trees. They are GiGi's favorite type of tree!

The Italian flag flying in front of the Victor Emmanuelle building. The building is commonly referred to as a "wedding cake" because of all its layers. The Italians don't like it much. But I thought it was a cool shot.

A piece of the Palace of Domitian. He was an emperor in the first century AD. He built a HUGE palace on the Palatine Hill in Rome. He built over several other former royal residences, so there are layers and layers of ruins there. It's cool!

This is a picture of me (duh) on the Circus Maximus. The Circus was used for horse racing in ancient time. Now, you will notice that there are not any ruins in the background. That's because the Circus was used as a quarry for many other buildings in Rome. So there's nothing left. It's just a big open field. Cool!!!

This is a shot of the Roman Forum from the Capitoline Museum. You will see the Arch of Septimus Severus there in the foreground. All the way over to the right is the Basilica Julia. Strangely enough, in ancient times a basilica was not a church in ancient times. It was used as a meeting place and market. This particular one was named after Julius Caesar's daughter. Daughters were always named after their fathers, just a feminine form. Julius to Julia.

This is the required shot of the Colosseum. The street outside of here, the Via del Imperiori Fori, was actually closed off to auto traffic on Sunday, so I stood out in the middle of the street for this picture. Usually, you can't do that, as there is a LOT of traffic there. It's one of the main roads in Rome.

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