Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crazy Hip Question

What movie/song best describes your life? Wow. The first movie that came to mind was that Drew Barrymore movie, where she goes back to high school. It's called "Never Been Kissed." She's the geeky girl newsreporter who's doing a story on high school, so she goes back. And then she becomes cool, and dates the hot guy, but ends up exposed and in love with her English teacher. But then I thought, it's not really me. I was (kind of) one of the cooler people. I had a lot of friends, was a cheerleader, had several boyfriends, made really good grades. Let's look at college. It definitely wasn't "Animal House." And it wasn't "Legally Blonde." I had a couple of really good girlfriends, and a lot of fun guy friends who lived downstairs. Then, after college, I met my future husband. (I have no movie reference for that, it just happened.) In fact, there's not a movie that describes my life. Maybe I should write one. Instead, I'd have to say that there's a book that I've loved for a long time. One character that I really identify with, and have for a long time. The book is Judy Blume's Summer Sisters. It's a "grown up" Judy Blume book, and I love it. My character is Victoria (Vix). I don't know why her. Her life and my life are nothing alike on the surface. I just really identify with her. The constant struggle to keep up with others. The emphasis on making things look right, even when they're not. Always feeling like you are in someone else's shadow. And no, there's been no one Caitlin in my life, just a shadow. Anyway, that's my book. I'll keep looking for a movie though. There's got to be one out there somewhere. And I'll drive my hubby crazy while looking for it. Ha!

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