Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is vacation?

I can't believe that this is my vacation. I'm in southern AL, hanging out at my dad's, and I'M in charge of my kids. How is this a vacation? It's like being at home, only I can't go anywhere. My stepmom isn't even in town. And now, I'm looking forward to a two-day drive with my parents and my kids to IL. I must have lost my mind. I understand that people have a life, they have to work. But why invite someone to come visit, then not even be here. I'm not faulting her, apparently she already had bought the plane tickets, but she could have mentioned that. And Dad, well, a pastor's work is never done. Yippee, something to look forward to. We had fun at the zoo with the kids yesterday. It's always fun to take them to new places. And I played outside with them, something it's hard to do at home because of the heat. Colby always wants to play baseball. He loves to hit. And Bennett is content to do whatever. He's the most self-sufficient little guy ever! Just give him a car, truck, ball, empty cup, and he's happy for hours. Okay, I can't get the "enter" button to work, so I can't start new paragraphs. Strange. This is going to look really nice. Oh well. Guess I'll update when I get home. I almost wish we could just go home tomorrow, instead of going to IL. I miss my hubby. I know he misses us too. But I know I need to see Grandma, since she's starting to get really old. I'm not sure how many more times we'll be able to see her. I want the boys to be able to remember her with more than just pictures. So I guess I'll just suck it up and deal with being locked in a van with my parents and two little guys. Maybe I should find some drugs to knock me out. Oh, AND it's my birthday tomorrow. That should be a fun day! (Am I hiding the sarcasm?) And so help me God, if my mother calls again, and wants to talk to the boys, I am going to scream. I know that she loves her grandsons. I'm glad that she does. But they are NOT her children! They are mine! And they are on vacation. They are spending time with their grandfather, not her. She did this the last time they were away for more than two hours too. She can really drive me crazy. Oh well, Dora calls. I don't even think it's on, but what can you do. Maybe I'll take them back outside. That should at least keep them busy!

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