Thursday, July 20, 2006

You Gotta Love 'Em

Last night, we went to my mom's house to have dinner and celebrate my birthday. I knew it was going to be fun when Colby was whining and not wanting to pee before we left. And I was right! It really wasn't totally horrible. We had pizza (fun!) and cookies and ice cream. I guess now that I'm out of the house permanently and no longer a little kid, I shouldn't expect cake anymore. Or a dinner that requires utensils. Silly me! I guess I also shouldn't expect thoughtful gifts. I don't mind gift cards. Especially ones to places I frequent. Thanks, Sis. But just straight cash, because you don't know your daughter well enough to buy her a present. At least Dad and GiGi got me a bracelet to go along with the new haircut. Of course, cash and a card is still better than the NOTHING that my dear hubby got me. I'm still a little peeved about that. And, I must say, he has not made any motions like he's even going to get me anything at this point. I may as well just hang it up. How would he like it if I didn't get him something for HIS birthday?! Maybe we should do that! Of course I'd never do it. I love shopping too much, and I couldn't be that mean.

The evening did not end well, though. Colby kept on with the whining. He was laying in the back bedroom watching TV with my niece Madison and Nana. I go in to collect him, change his pullup, get him ready to go. He has peed through the pullup (at least he went), and is now soaked and feverish again. Great. And of course, my mom has to come in and start up with the "doesn't he need to see a doctor?" and "you should really talk to somebody about this". Well, duh! And of course she prefaced it all by saying "I'm not trying to tell you how to parent, but..." Yes you are! You always are! Every day, you have something to say about the way I raise my kids, because it's not exactly how you did it. Earlier in the evening, she got irritated because I wouldn't let her give Bennett pretzels after dinner. He had already eaten. He wasn't hungry. But she got all huffy anyway. "Why not? It won't hurt him." No, but it will teach him to eat all the time! Ugh! Why does she always have to question what I do? Why can't I just make a decision, as a mom, and have her support it? It's been almost 4 years of this.

Do our mothers ever really let us grow up?


Kristin said...

Oh man, no prezzies from the hubs on your birthday? That is NOT RIGHT! I say you go and buy yourself something really cute and when he asks you about it just tell him it is "from" him!

Last year, my son bought me a shower cap.

Thanks for you sweet comments over on the CHBM site & my blog... I really loved reading them!

Christina_the_wench said...

Your hubby must be related to mine. I have to threaten to get him to get me a CARD on our anniversary. Presents? Gave up on those longggg ago. Sad, sad, sad. Hang in there, sweetie!