Thursday, September 28, 2006

No Hair Allowed

So there we were, sitting/laying on the bed yesterday afternoon. Hubs was working on the computer, checking his school email. I was laying on the bed with Colby sitting next to me. I lifted up my arms to stretch.



"There's hair under there, Mommy!"

Yes, the little guy had caught me unshaven in the armpit area. Hey, I keep it covered during the day. And it's not like it was REALLY long, just about a week's worth. So I began laughing, and had to explain to hubs what was going on. Of course, he has to show off:

"Colby, Look." as hubs pulls down his shirt sleeve to show Colby HIS armpit hair.


I can't wait till he's a teenager. And where did he get this hatred of body hair? Strange.


quinn said...

omg lol and I agree with your baby..ewwww lmaO ..

Sayre said...

Guess Colby's not gonna go for some European gal where shaving is optional and most take the no-shave option!!!!

Kristin said...

Oh dear, the pressure's on!