Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting Ready for summer

Can you believe it? Only 15 more weeks until the end of school! Am I counting???

Anyway, my little bro is getting married this summer. And our WHOLE family is coming from Illinois for the wedding. And they want to stay for an extra week afterward at the beach so we can spend some quality time together. However, some people can only stay a few days. And some people say that all the houses we've found are too expensive. Do they not realize that the beach in SC is expensive in the summer? Oh man! We have been round and round about the cost. Really, I was thinking that $200 a person isn't too bad. For a week at Myrtle? That's nothing! And it was beachfront!

I don't know what to do. I don't want to be in charge of this project. Now they're saying they want to stay in Hilton Head. Um, hello! Way more expensive! Whatever. I'll just keep finding places. Even if it ends up just being me, sis, and Dad's families. NBD.


Sayre said...

$200 per person for a WEEK at Myrtle Beach???? That's terrific! Your family obviously doesn't know the going rate of a beachfront vacation!

Nikki said...


Do they smoke crack? (and if they do, can I have some of what they're smoking?)