Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And so it is done...

The bookseller era. I did it. Today. I called and told Tom that I'm through. I just can't take the hours anymore. And not seeing the boys for three straight days. And being bone tired every day of the week. Never being able to catch up on my sleep. Not grading papers for a week.

Well, that will probably still continue.

When I told Josh last night, the first thing he did was offer me more money to stay. But I think he realized it was hopeless when I told him that I could cut my hours in half and still make enough doing homebound. I did tell Tom to keep me on the books for the summer. I'd hate to never be able to come back.

I still feel like a little part of me is dead. I really loved working at that bookstore. I liked working with all those weird people. People who are smart and funny and not afraid to be different. It was such a melting pot. Do you know, in all the jobs I've had, all the places I've worked, I've never before worked in an environment where I truly liked all the people I've worked with. Just there.

I will truly miss being there. Thank you, bookstore. For everything.


Sayre said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you had to give that up. If I had to find a job tomorrow, that's where I'd look first - followed quickly by the library. I love books and I love the people who are drawn to books.

Too bad you couldn't give up something else - like sleeping, or seeing your kids or your husband, or paper-grading, or teaching... oh wait. Those are things you want to keep! Well, I guess you made the right decision then, huh?

Maybe the bookstore can be your summer "vacation".

Nikki said...

oh man. It's a shame you had to quit...but our wallets do talk don't they.

My wallet talks to me all the time...but it's very rude.