Monday, March 12, 2007

Living Between the Trees

I went to Holy Grounds last week. It's our mid-week "worship" service at our church. There's coffee, tea, cookies, some music and a message. Often the message is a discussion. About how Christ fits into life today, and how we grow in our faith and show it day to day. It's really fun and inspiring. Definitely gives you a lift.

Last week, we had a small discussion then watched a short video. It was by a guy named Rob Bell. Check him out. He's got such a gift for teaching and living God's Word.

Anyway, he was talking about our role on earth. It started in Genesis, when God created man and woman. There was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It ends in Revelation, where there is a Tree of Life. And we are here, living now, between the Trees.

He talked about not just being here, waiting for the end of our life so that we can get to the next. It's not about just being here, taking up space, waiting for the end. It's about working to make this world that we live in a better place. It's about making our world as much like the Kingdom as we can in the time we have. It's about helping others, planting trees, making disciples, making ourselves better.

It's not like we have to earn what we're getting, God has graciously given it to us. This whole big world, with all its niceties and craziness. What a gift!

What do you think? I know I haven't explained it very well. I wish I could find the DVD and see it again. Maybe I should ask Fred.

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