Saturday, March 17, 2007


I am sitting here at the computer, finished uploading Cheeseman's latest soccer pictures (2 goals!), and I grabbed a book that Hubs has sitting next to the bed. I had picked it up before and read just the first chapter, but I wasn't really paying attention. It was just surface reading, ya know. But I'm bored and not quite tired enough to go to sleep. So I'm reading this book, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, and it's "nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality." Which intrigues me, now that I'm paying attention to it. I want to know what that means, so now I'm paying attention.

I get to the third chapter, where he's talking about magic. And the elements of a story. It seems kind of unrelated like that, but it all ties together nicely when you read it.

So there's this quote: "I liked the idea of Jesus becoming man, so that we would be able to trust Him..."

Because we don't generally trust people that we don't know. Why would we want to believe in a god whom we could never see. One who just said - hey, come follow me! Worship me! Believe in me, because I will make you whole.

Seriously? Not gonna happen.

But instead, our God became man. He walked among us, doing good and healing others. Loving everyone regardless of who they were or what they had done. He came to us so that we could see Him, hear Him, touch Him, see what He is all about. He gave us a blueprint, a map of sorts, to follow so that we could be like Him.

What better way to help people believe than to come and live among us?

And what do we do? Are we loving others? Are we doing good? I know you can't earn your way to heaven, but we are supposed to strive to be more like Christ. By believing in Him, and trying to follow His example, it's supposed to make us want to do better. To want to BE better.

What have I done to be more like Christ?

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