Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Open House 2007

I am posting a day early, because I know I can't do this at work tomorrow. And I have a few last minute gifts to go buy tomorrow night while Hubs is actually at home. And some more decorating to do. He gave me permission to go ALL OUT on Christmas decorations! I am so excited! I will be heading to my local Target to gather provisions. I am really excited! I may have to post again just so I can show the updated decor!
Anyway, I have had the pleasure this year of "decorating" two homes. The one we live in full-time and the one we live in on the weekends. Both need some work on the festive end, but they will do for now.
Our "Old" House, as Cheeseman calls it:

These Pooh Bears are ones I collected when I worked at the Disney Store in college. They are the first thing you see when you enter my home. Festive, no? Love my Santa too!
Our tree without and with children:
The mantle. You can't see the stocking hung with care, but they're there!
This is the lovely wreath that would hang on the front door if I could ever remember to buy a hanger-thing. A co-worker of mine made this. Isn't it beautiful?

Now, on to the "new" house:
Our tree, complete with candy canes that the children love.
Yes, the noel has moved houses. Doesn't it look lovely? My stepmom made this for us.

The couch in our new house. I like the $5 pillows from Dollar General.

The boys love to decorate a tree! They get that from me, of course.

That's it! The outsides are not done AT ALL! I'll be getting right on that.


Joyful Days said...

Your home looks like it is full of a lot of love & fun. Have a great Christmas!

Nadine said...

Beautiful tour. I enjoyed it and appreciate your sharing your home. Have a Merry Christmas.

KC said...

You have some handsome young men there and a beautiful tree. Thank you for the tour.
Merry Christmas

Susan said...

Everything - in both houses - looks so pretty and comfy! Cute kiddos, too!

The Gallands said...

Very Comfy and fun! Merry Christmas!