Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey gone, gone

Another happy holiday over and done. I cannot believe it is almost Christmas.

We went to the in-laws yesterday for food and fun. I actually contributed this year. Made a right lovely bread casserole thing. It was yummy! So moist and flavorful. I liked it. A Weight Watchers recipe no less! I think we will see that one again before next Thanksgiving.

The food was yummy. The turkey was moist this year. Cheese actually ate all his food! B-rex ate most of his. Well, all his turkey and gravy. No green beans or rice. Whatever. He barely eats most days anyway. Hubs took the boys for a walk along the creek that runs behind his parents house. He confided in me on the way home: It used to look much bigger. I just laughed. I'm sure the boys thought it was a big adventure, traipsing along in the "woods" behind the house. And they were spending quality time with their daddy. That's the most important part. They'll always remember that.

Now the Christmas fun begins. I've already ordered some movies as gifts for the boys. Power Rangers. Fun for them, not so much for Mom and Dad. Ordered some DVDs for my bro too. That reminds me, he suggested that I check their registry to see what was left. I don't know what to get his new wife. She can be difficult to buy for sometimes. I hope my dad and GiGi send their lists soon. I hope we get that bonus check soon too, so I can pay for all this stuff!

Hope all had a happy Thanksgiving!

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elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Hey, I'm an FU grad too! But I'm even OLDER than you are. I just love bloggy serendipity.