Sunday, May 18, 2008


I about had a heart attack when my sister emailed to say that the New Kids on the Block were going to be performing in Atlanta. Seriously? So I said Hell, yeah, I'll go! Then I went to the "official" NKOTB website to check it out. And she was right! Argh!!!! And they have a new single out! I would link to iTunes, but I don't know how. I have already purchased it, of course. I closed my eyes, and it was almost like being 13 again. Sigh. I did love some NKOTB. Sis and I had the sheets, the tees, the everything. We even had our own singing group with our friend Angela (she was my friend really) named Shades of Color. (Don't remember why that name, but whatever.) Our plan was to make it big and tour with the boys. They, of course, would fall in love with us, and we'd each marry the Beantown boy of our dreams. Sis was going to marry Joey. Angela was into Danny. But my favorite was, hands down!, Donnie. He had that whole bad boy thing going on. And I loved it.

So, will I be in Atlanta on Oct. 29? Yep. And I plan on downloading the whole new album as soon as it's released. Crazy? Probably. But how many of us get to relive our childhood fantasies like that? Just because I'm married with 2 kids. Donnie is STILL on my list. I can't wait to tour with them!

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