Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lucky or Blessed?

So, you go on vacation for a week, and life goes on without you.

I entered a contest over on The Dose of Reality to win a copy of one of three books. The one I was really looking to win was Jen Lancaster's newest, but I would have been happy to win any of them. I LOVE books!

Turns out that my lucky streak isn't over yet. I won a copy of YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG by Michael Ian Black, the comedian. I'm sure this is going to be a hilarious read. So thanks to Ashley! And everybody go check her out. It's a great blog!

And about vacations, if you have not made time to vacation in Atlanta, GA, please do so. We were there for four days, and did not get a chance to do everything. Granted, that was probably because we slept in until 10:00 one day after staying up for a Braves game. The only drawback was that the hotel pool was too cool to swim in.

The city has so much to offer. We visited the World of Coke, which I thought was going to send my oldest over the edge. We spent an afternoon at Olympic Centennial Park. It is a beautiful, open area. It has two playgrounds, one specially designed to accommodate all kinds of children. It was perfect for our littlest guy. As stated above, we went to a Braves game. Which they lost to the Yankees. Blech. But we did go on Craig Kimbrel bobble-head night. Rockin! And we had to stop in at LegoLand - because our middle son would have mutinied for sure.

One day, the whole day, we spent at Stone Mountain Park. I had never been there before. Honestly, we could have spent two or three days there easily. We did not have time to do any hiking, or to visit the farmyard. We did not get to watch the video on Sherman's March, which my kids were actually interested in. I'm hoping we'll get back there again, maybe to stay on the property for a longer time. Seriously, it's great.

So, what's next on our summer agenda? Vacation Bible School. Every evening this week. Then I'm off again, to Greenville for a conference. No moss is growing under me this summer!

And I may go out and buy a lottery ticket. Can't hurt, right?

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