Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best and Worst of Times

I recently read the book THE FIRST HUSBAND by Laura Dave. It was enjoyable. One of my favorite parts of the book was when the main character, Annie, met Griffin. He also ends up being a main character, but not exactly in the same way. You kind of feel like he's going to be important, as Annie's just had this life-changing experience. And there's this handsome stranger. You know how it is. They get to talking about who they are. And Annie starts to ask Griffin about his ex.

But Griffin doesn't want to rehash the past. He thinks that it's better to live in the present. Which is true. But he has this policy of telling one best thing and one worst thing about the relationship. Which strikes me as very smart. Instead of bringing all this emotional baggage to someone who may or may not stick around, just condense it. And why would a stranger want to hear all your hang ups anyway? Right?

 So, Hubby and I recently celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary. That may not seem like a lot to everybody. But it's a huge milestone to me, since my own parents didn't even make it twelve years. This has seemed like a good goal to me. And we made it! Hubby didn't see that it was a huge deal, as his parents have been married almost 39 years. Wow! You can see how twelve might be small potatoes to him.

 We went out to dinner to celebrate. While at dinner, I decided to spring this best and worst idea on him. After all, it's just too much to rehash all twelve years. It would've taken all day! But we were each able to come up with something. And they were different for both of us. It was a nice conversation starter.

 So, what would you say. What has been the best moment of your current relationship? What has been the worst moment? Think about it.

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doseofreality said...

Hey Cheryl! I think you might want to check out this post! ;) Looks like your lucky streak is continuing!