Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Much Fun!

Wow. Just wow.

This was the first week of crazy summer vacation. I don't know what I was thinking. I get these ideas in my head, like HEY! Let's do fun stuff! In the summer!

And I forget that I'm the only adult in the house, which means I'm the responsible one. Ha.

So Monday, we went to the zoo. It went well. The boys insisted on posing with every single brass statue animal that they could find. And of course, I had to take their pictures. And of course my stupid camera on my stupid phone wasn't working properly. So I lost about half of the pictures I took. And if I can figure out how to get the pictures it did take onto my Chromebook, I will surely post them. Because my kids are nothing if not cute. Very cute.

We saw most all of the animals, except that damn komodo dragon. All the signs pointed to the reptile house, but then D-man had a dirty diaper while we were looking at the crocodile, so we had to skip the last bits. Little disappointed there. Luckily, my mom and her partner renew our family membership every year, so we can go back as much as we want.

We ran into any number of zoo workers on this trip. They were so nice about answering questions from the boys. We learned about alligators, saw an ostrich pee (had nothing to do with zookeepers), and learned about flamingos. I don't know that we've ever had that happen before. Guess we should go on Monday's more often.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when we visited the bird enclosure, where the penguins are housed. I've seen penguins. The boys like the penguins. We've seen Happy Feet, and Happy Feet Too. But nothing prepared me for sitting down next to my 13-month-old and watching him watch penguins for the first time. Oh. My. God. He was thoroughly delighted by the birds as they swam past him over and over. You'd think that God had made the penguins just for him! He giggled, he laughed out loud, he banged on the glass with his little baby hands. It was sweet and adorable. And I sat next to him and enjoyed it.

Life with a baby. It is truly wonderous.

Tuesday we chilled at home, but Wednesday I was up for another adventure. It was an indoor kind of day (read: f*ing hot!), so we went to EdVenture Children's Museum.

We also have a family pass to EdVenture, and we go about every 3 or 4 months. I am continuously fascinated by this place. Every time we go, there is some new exhibit. It is perfect for kids!

This time, they had giant, kid-sized games: chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, floor hockey, Jenga, cornhole, and Battleship!!! Giant, freakin Battleship. Sadly, my boys do not know how to play Battleship, so we had to forgo that one. For now. It was too much for me to explain the rules, and keep track of the baby. They played chess (Cheese won) and Jenga (B-rex won). And D-man just played on the cornhole thingys. Yes, again, there are pictures. On my phone. I'm working on it!

There is also an exhibit called Moneyville, which has an educational slant to it. It's supposed to show kids about budgeting, figuring out what change to give, even a stock market game. (Cheese wanted to play that, but I couldn't help him figure it out. I don't understand the stock market.) There was also a station where you could make your own "bucks." I made Dino Dollars, with my picture on them!! The boys got to make their own too. You could even print them out, which of course we did. Now the boys want me to make copies of their "bucks" so they can "have 12 million dollars!" It's cute. Delusional, but cute.

One of the neat things about EdVenture is the baby areas. They understand that little guys (and gals) need their own place, since most of the exhibits are for bigger kids. So D-man hung out in the newly revamped toddler room, for 3 and unders only. There's a giant tree with a slide, a boat, and a baby area. There is also a new section in the construction area that is just for little ones. He got to play with toddler sized cars on a toddler sized table. It was fantastic!

The last stop in EdVenture was the outdoor water area. It's not a water park, just an area that shows how currents work and some other environmental stuff. The boys got soaked. Like, got cold in the air conditioning of the car, soaked. Even the baby! They all had to change clothes when we got home.

Once home, we left again after D-man decided that a nap was not for him. We went swimming with some friends from church. Yay! Swimming! We were there for two hours. And the boys went back again today. Oh my.

And did I mention that we've also had vacation Bible school all week, in the evenings? And I'm volunteering in the nursery. There are only 3 little dudes in there (Thanks, God!), so Miss Dawn and I get to chat. But it still means eating early (and therefore cooking early) so we can get there by 6:00. And it also means that the boys aren't getting to bed before 9:00. Thank God for summer, so they can sleep a little later!

Tomorrow is Friday. The plan is to chill with church friends in the morning, then get ready for the family night VBS picnic. And at some point I need to finish doing laundry, since we're going to the in-laws lake house for the weekend. Then the boys and I are going to Greenville for a few days, since I have a work conference. Hmmm... so much to do! 

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