Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Second Birthday, Bennett

What a special day! Why? Because two years ago, I became a twice-baked mommy with the addition of Bennett.

Hubs and I got up early that morning of October 11. We'd picked out that date for the c-section. I don't know why. It just seemed like a good day, and it would allow my in-laws to not have to miss any football games over the next weekend. (Honestly, that was part of it.) Anyway, my moms came over around 5:30 am. They were taking care of Colby while we were in the hospital.

We drove mostly in silence. I know that I was nervous about having a second child. How could I possibly love another baby as much as I loved my first? What would we do with another mouth to feed? How would we ever pay for daycare? Would my recovery be okay? Would the baby be okay, or would he have to go to the NICU too?

The nurses prepped me: cleaned my tummy, checked my vitals, took 3 tries to get in an IV. I talked to the anesthesiologist about a thousand times. The doc came in to check on me. Then, it was showtime!

Half an hour later, we had Bennett!
If nothing else, Bennett has been an adventure. Literally. He's not afraid of anything or anyone. From the very beginning, he had his own little personality. Sleep on my back? I think not! Eat constantly? I think so! Sleep through the night? No problem!

He would take his own sweet time doing other things: rolling over, cutting teeth, crawling, talking. However, he's been a pioneer. He loves to climb. Anything, anytime, anywhere. He's not afraid of animals. He's not afraid of the hair clippers. He's not afraid of that dead cockroach in the corner of the classroom at the church. (He tried to eat it. Thank God that Pastor Barrett was paying attention!) No vacuum wakes him, nor does lightning or thunder.

He is so curious about everything. He wants to use that big boy potty so badly! He wants to sleep in the bunk bed with his big brother. (Um, no!) What is that cool, shiny thing on the back of the car? An exhaust pipe? Can I touch it? Ouch! What does it feel like to go head-first off the side of the couch? Ouch!

And he wants to be Colby so much! All he does is follow his big brother around all day. When Colby was into dinosaurs, Bennett had to play too. When Colby liked the Wiggles (glad that's over), Bennett had to play the Wiggle guitar too. Now that Colby's into Spiderman/Superman/Batman, Bennett must have them as well. It is so cute! Well, I think it's cute. Colby doesn't much like it though.

All in all, I am so blessed to have Bennett as my second son. He brings out the best in me. He still loves to cuddle with his mommy. At night, we say our prayers together. Then, I sing "You Are My Sunshine". He lifts his little head and places his forehead against mine as I sing. His blue eyes look right into my brown ones, and he sees into my heart. He knows that I love him more than words.

Happy Second Birthday, Angel baby!

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Sayre said...

I had a c-section with my son, too. My doctor told me it could be either April 28th or 29th. I chose the 28th because I wanted him to have his own day - the 29th was our anniversary!

Guess what? They were all booked up for the 28th, so it was to be the 29th. Best anniversary present ever!