Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fun Night

Well, we're finally home. Spent the evening at sis's house, letting the kids play together. I don't know about hers, but mine are sleeping soundly. Cheeseman did ask to stay up for a few minutes, but as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out! Bman is also snoring right now. Really snoring. We've got to get that checked out.

The children had a wonderful time. They played with all Madison's toys. They played on the swings, went down the slide. We played "baseball". (That would be Bman hitting off the tee, and Cheeseman getting pitched to.) We ate lasagna. Both boys finished their dinners, which is kind of a miracle. Then we watched High School Musical. Evidently, Madison knows all the words to the songs. I have to say, it is entertaining. The movie, and Madison singing.

A good time was had by all. And I ate too much. And now I'm going to have an English Toffee ice cream bar. Because I've already gone over points. I'll just work harder tomorrow!

Hubs is still in ATL. I don't expect him till well after midnight. The game is still going strong. Last I saw, my Braves were still winning! I am having to update my bro-in-law as to the score of the UNC/USC super-regional baseball game. He's a USC FANatic, and he's missing the game to do this male bonding thing. Isn't that nice?


Nicole said...

WOO HOO! Fun for all! Kids are entertained and Mommies can relax a bit. Since the boys were out TWICE this weekend, I think that's always fair! Hey - maybe we need a sister's nite out!

Mama C said...

I';m with you, sis! When would you like to fit that into our busy schedules?

Hmm, now that you know about my blog, does that mean I can't say mean things about you? Man! Just kidding. My sister is AWESOME! (Now that she's grown up and listens to me.) Check her out: