Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sick and Tired

Oh, yeah. B-rex came home from the in-laws last week with a cold. We medicated his little butt right up, the FDA be damned. But he still wanted to share, and share he has with his mommy. It hit Sunday afternoon with sniffles. Then Monday, all day, chills and stuffiness. Today, it was coughing and a monster headache. Three Tylenol later, here I am. At least it wasn't as bad as that migraine last spring that knocked me out!

The last couple weeks have been pretty eventful. Cheese had his colostomy reversed and was in the hospital for almost a week. He and I took a week to play hookey last week and recuperate. It was such fun! He is really a cool little guy for a 5-year-old. We went out to lunch a couple of times, and went to the grocery store, and kid-shopping. What great times! I hope he always remembers how much fun Mom is, even when he hates me as a teenager.

B-rex and I spent the week before together. Hubs had gone with Cheese to the hospital. So I went to work every day, then B-rex and I would hang out in the evenings. It was also pretty awesome! We got to read books, watch movies, just have some one-on-one time. Second children don't get as much of that, so I'm so thankful that I got to spend some time with him. Sweet! Then last week, he went to stay with the in-laws, so as not to try and play rough with his big brother. He came home on Wednesday, had his THIRD birthday on Thursday, then started speech on Friday. What a week!

Hubs went to MUSC with Cheese, then came home for a night, then went to Duke for Pastor's school. He came home on Wednesday, but went right back to work on Thursday. No vacation and spending quality time for us. Oh, well. He went back to his counselor today, who has declared that his counselling sessions are done. He's all better! Or, at least he is able to function well with his meds. He doesn't have to go back unless he has a relapse. He's been doing pretty well lately, though. I hope this is behind us for now. I guess the real test will be when he goes back to school next fall. But we'll cross that bridge later.

Hmm... I guess that's about it. Other than being sick, I'm doing fine. Tired, as always. I'm trying to get caught up with grading all the papers from last week. I love being home with my boys, but I hate all the paperwork I have to leave for my cherubs so they'll stay mostly out of trouble. Grades are due on Friday, and I have a TON of stuff left to do. Oh, well. I finished all I wanted to tonight, so that's good. I can concentrate on other stuff tomorrow.

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