Sunday, July 27, 2008

Picture update again

These are pictures from this week's adventures. I thought I had them in the right order, but turns out I was wrong. Oh, well. I'm getting older, I can't remember things properly anymore.

We begin our journey at the Villa of Hadrian. It is located outside of the city of Rome, in a town called Tivoli. Hadrian liked to have a little down time just like the rest of us. This is one of his reflecting pools, and no, that is not ancient Roman water:
This is also a picture from the Villa. This used to also be filled with water. It contained fish, we think. There are also rooms underneath, with passageways for people to move around:
This is from one of the many guest rooms in the Villa. I counted about 10 rooms, each with its own distinctive mosaic. I know how hard it is to make one of these things, on a much smaller scale. These were absolutely amazing!
And finally, a last look at the 2nd reflecting pool at the Villa. That man sure did like his water! In the background, I believe, are the baths. But I could be wrong there.
Below you will find a picture of an ancient road in Ostia. Ostia was built at the mouth of the Tiber River to provide a port for Rome, which was inland. This is the Decumanus Maximus, one of the main roads:
This is from the top of a column in the synagogue in Ostia. Notice the menorah. The synagogue sat way out towards the sea. It was quite a hike to get there.
After Ostia, I went to the beach with some friends. These are not my friends, just random Italians. But I wanted to show what the beach looked like. It was beautiful! And the water was freakishly cold.
This is a picture of a garden that we passed by after we visited Horace's Sabine farm. Italians have such pretty gardens!
This is me, standing in front of a waterfall/fountain near Horace's Sabine farm. It was really pretty and LOUD! Horace liked it so much, he immortalized it in a poem.
I took this picture from atop Hadrian's mausoleum, otherwise known as Castel San'Angelo. That's the Tiber River. I have many pictures of the great views, but not enough room to show them all here.
As you can tell, it was really windy up there! I was trying to get a picture with St. Peter's Basilica in the background, but I think I stood in front of it instead. Oops! I was too busy making sure my skirt didn't fly up.
I took this picture inside St. Peter's Basilica. That is the altar, the dark brown structure in the middle. Sorry, it's not the best quality picture. But it's dark in there, and the flash really doesn't help any.
And so concludes the saga of my adventures. As of tomorrow, I will be going home! I hope that you have enjoyed the journey with me. I know I have loved being here.
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