Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Beginning Another Summer

It is officially the second day of summer vacation 2012. What have we done at my house? Nothing. Well, we've made a mess of Calvin and Hobbs books and cleaned up. We've spilled a glass of orange juice and one of apple juice. We've looked at picture books. And we've watched the Wonderful Wizard of Ha's about 20 times. We went out to dinner, we ate Pop Tarts, we are finishing some Twizzlers. But nothing of note has occurred.

It has rained. For pretty much two straight days. Yuck! If it were just me and the two older boys, I wouldn't even notice. They are big and resilient. They don't mind running through the rain. They enjoy jumping in puddles of water, especially in their brand new shoes. They like the adventure of dodging raindrops.

However, now I have a 13-month-old. He does not enjoy the rain, or the cool temps that come with it. I do not want to take him out in rain, for fear that the constant drip from his nose will not take a break. I don't want my sweet baby boy to get wet. He doesn't get to walk through rain puddles or dodge raindrops. He gets to watch the rain through the window in the comfort of our living room.

Am I wrong for this? Should I let him experience the falling rain? The joys of spinning in circles while rain falls? The fun of splashing your mom (ME!!) when you jump into a particularly good puddle? I don't know.

I am not a helicopter.

I am not a bad mommy.

I have to keep telling myself that, while I watch him wander from room to room, picking up the same toys over and over. Yet, he's only a baby. He doesn't even remember what toys he has, so I don't think he's suffering much. It's just me, being overly concerned, wanting to do everything right this third time around. Wanting to be perfect for him, so he can grow up to be perfect.

I must be delusional. 

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