Saturday, March 03, 2007

3 Goals!!!

Cheeseman scored three goals! THREE GOALS!!! He was the star of the team!!! And the grin on his face.... OH MAN! I am one proud momma! He's such an awesome kid!!! I am talking and thinking in exclamations!! Yay Cheeseman!!

I'll post pics once I get them off the camera which is in the diaper bag which is with the in-laws who came to the game then took the kids for the afternoon.

As a side note, Hubs will soon be a bartender at local eatery where he's been waiting tables. Yes, a future pastor serving alcohol. Does anyone else find this funny? He wants to "contribute more" to the household. Such a guy!

First week of homebound went well. I made $80 in only 4 hours. And I tucked my babies into bed 6 nights in a row! Yippee!!!

edited: Check out my boy playing soccer!!

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