Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More sick...

If you are visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party, my party post is here. Otherwise, keep reading. Well, keep reading anyway.

Last week, Bennett was sick. He was sick Monday night, stayed home with Hubs on Tuesday. Was fine all day. And Wednesday. Got sick again Wed. night. Stayed home with Hubs on Thursday. Was fine all day. Ate lots and is all better.

Cheeseman got sick this morning. Thank God I was already at work. He had to stay home with Hubs today. Hubs missed classes. Oops. But I'm being the good little wifey and staying home tomorrow.

It is such a pain in the tush to get a sub for school! I had to make idiot-proof lesson plans, find my roll sheets, make copies, lock up all my personal stuff. Ugh! Just so that I can stay home with a sick baby.

Who is feeling fine and asking for ice cream, by the way. I say NO WAY!

My mom came and got Bennett for the evening. She took him out to her house to walk Chico (her new Chihuahua?) (how the hell do you spell that anyway?) Then to San Jose for dinner. Because if he gets the stomach bug again, I want to see Mexican food come back up. Geez!

Hubs is at the restaurant, waiting tables. Did I mention they've "trained" him to work the bar? It's all about the perfect head on a beer. And the correct amount of wine in a glass. That's all they sell as far as bar items. It took him THREE HOURS to train on Saturday. I could do that in 10 minutes! Oh, well. He was getting paid.

Anyway, my throat hurts, nose is stuffy, I'm coughing. I'm going to eat some Oreo ice cream to make it all better. I should probably do my Bible study while I'm at it. It's a Beth Moore study. If you haven't tried her, she is AWESOME!


Sayre said...

Oh, man - stay away from me! I have no immune system at the moment and the doctor has ORDERED me to stay away from sick people.

And I have to admit, I feel a little ticked when my son has to stay home from school but feels fine shortly thereafter. My mom used to have a rule - if you're sick enough to stay home, you're sick enough to stay in bed. No TV, no computer, no video games. Music and books? Okay. Sleep? Okay. But no fajitas.

Hope you're all doing better now!

Esther said...

Yes, Beth Moore is the best! I just saw her live on tour in WA. I have her schedule posted on my blog.