Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What an awesome day! Got the boys up and ready for church. They are so cute! I'll have to post pictures later. Anyway, Cheeseman sang in our Children's Choir this morning! Argh! And he even played a bell! I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure he would chicken out. He's not big on the whole performing thing. But he stood up there, in front of the whole congregation (about 200 people) and sang with about 12 other kids. He's the youngest in the group, but he did a great job. And he managed to make silly faces at Hubs and I. What a clown!

This afternoon we went to John and Shannon's house. Their neighborhood was having an Easter egg hunt, so they invited us to bring the boys. Cheeseman and B-man had a GREAT time! Cheeseman even found some eggs with money in them. What kind of Easter bunny do they have? I need some of that!

After the egg hunt, the kids got to play outside some more. There's a trampoline, which Cheeseman loves. B-man was partial to the ride-on mini-car things. They have one that looks like a jeep. Man, he did NOT want to get out of that thing. He is not a good driver however. He kept running into trees. I think he's not getting a license until he's about 30!

Cheeseman and B-man were driving along. They came to the pole of the swingset/fort thing. They decide to drive UP the pole. They managed to flip the jeep over. With them in it. I was watching it, and the world seemed to slow down. Like slo-mo. It was awful! Hubs ran over there and picked up the jeep. They were fine. They crawled away, as Hubs put it back down. Then B-man climbed back in, ready to go again! I nearly had a heart attack.

I am so glad that the boys are making such good friends. B-man, by the way, is betrothed. There's a little girl at church who has decided that she is going to marry him. She's 3. He's 2 and 1/2. I don't see it lasting. But, her daddy is some kind of doctor. He could do worse.

And we found out today that Cheeseman has another girlfriend. Shalee. He's already got Mrs. Julia (his nurse from the hospital last summer), Ms. Suzanne (a doctor assistant), Mrs. Johnson (a teacher at his school), and now Shalee! What can I say? He's a chick magnet! Please keep in mind that the youngest of these women (except Shalee, who's 4) is about 25. Well out of age range. And they are mostly married as well.

Cheeseman doesn't understand the whole girlfriend thing yet. So glad for that. He's only 4! He doesn't need to know. I'm impressed he can keep up with all of them at the same time though. Most boys have trouble keeping up with just one!


Nikki said...

I'm glad to hear things are going so well!

...and incidentally - My son has a t-shirt that says CHICK MAGNET on it. We get giggles and applause where ever we go LOL

Sayre said...

Oy. My son is a chick magnet too. He got his first girlfriend when he was two and had just been adding them on ever since.