Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring Break

My brother recommeds this movie. In fact, he has proclaimed to his fiancee that he is going to see it on opening night. I watched the trailer. Judge for yourself.

Spring Break begins today.

I have no plans.

Except to take Cheeseman to get a rod stuck up his ass. No, really. In order to get his rectum ready for the colostomy reversal, they have to dialate. The surgeon knocks him out, then sticks a rod up his butt. Lovely.

I got to see the actual rods. The ones they were sticking in my son's butt. I probably could have done without that.

Anyway, that's the most exciting thing I'm doing this spring break. Anyone else got better plans?

I'll be starting the end of school countdown soon. Yippee!

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