Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Eve

It's the day before the celebration of the resurrection of Our Lord. Tomorrow, the celebration of Christ's rising from the dead. His triumph, for our sake, over death.

Today, another egg hunt.

We went to Zachary's house. I think we were just invited because I'm the only person who has boys. All the other little ones there were girls. That's beside the point. Zachary's mom teaches kindergarten with my sister, and will be Cheeseman's teacher in a couple of years. We hope.

We went over around 2:00. The boys all played together. Everyone shared. They have a nice, new house. Really nice. We could have fit our entire house into 3/4 of their downstairs. Sigh. Maybe someday. Anyway, about 45 minutes later, the kids finally got to "hunt" for eggs. They were mostly out in the open, so there wasn't much hunting going on.

Cheeseman and B-man both got LOTS of eggs. The girls were all going after the pink and purple eggs. My boys just picked up whatever they came across. Then they got sidetracked by the play area. It came complete with a lizard! They jumped a bit on the trampoline, but it was cold outside. So that didn't last too long. The parents couldn't stand being out in the cold any longer.

Such a change from last weekend, when we were all in shorts. Today, I had on jeans, a long sleeve tee, and a sweater. And I was still cold. Crazy. I'm not even sure I can wear my pretty new Easter dress tomorrow, because the high is only supposed to be in the mid-50s!

Hubs is at work. He worked last night too, so I got to watch the Devil Wears Prada. It was cute. Pretty predictable. But something I wouldn't have gotten to see if he'd been home. Now I'm out of movies though. I'll have Pirates of the Caribbean for next weekend though. Looking forward to that one! I've never seen the first one, just the second. I thought it was the first one while I was watching it, then Hubs informed me that it was actually the second one. I was like, why did you let me watch it then!? He shrugged and couldn't believe I hadn't seen the first one. What? When would I have had time to do that?

Well, gotta go stuff eggs for the morning. Have a Happy Easter! Praise the Lord!

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