Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Break - Day 1

What a lovely start!

I got up at 5:30 this morning. Drove 2 hours to MUSC so that Cheeseman could get his rectum dialated. I did get to see him after he drank his "silly juice". He is a funny drunk. The doc says that his rectum looked exactly as he'd hoped it would. It's a bit looser, so we'll maybe only have one more procedure.

Once done, we headed home. We stopped at "old McDonalds" so that he could get the latest TMNT toy in his happy meal. Then he watched TMNT all the way home on the DVD. We stopped off at the bookstore (where Mommy used to work) to get him a treat for being such a brave boy. He picked out TWO new Spiderman 3 books. We also got a book for B-man and one for me. Daddy didn't get a book. He's a student, he has enough to read.

We played Candy Land once we got home. I haven't played that in AGES! He beat me the first game. But I won the second game. Then Cheeseman refused to play again. He's not used to losing. He doesn't like it. Must work on gracefully losing.

The whole family went out to dinner tonight at Hubs' place of business. It was ... well, it was. The boys wanted quarters for the game room, and Hubs watched all the Sportscenter on the TV. I wasn't really hungry, since I'd had the big McD's for lunch, and B-man ended up eating half my quesadilla anyway! It was nice to eat all together as a family, though.

A little girl smiled at B-man while he was running around. He came up to me and growled in his 2-year-old way, "She smile at me, Mommy!" Then he pointed at her and gave her his best scary "RRRRAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!" It was cute. Guess he is NOT interested in the opposite sex at all. Yay! I want my boys to stay little and innocent forever. I know it won't happen, but I can hope.

Watched Dancing with the Stars tonight. Loved Ian and Cheryl and Joey and Kym. Used up all my votes. I'm so glad Hubs lets me watch that on Mondays.

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