Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did Ya Miss Me?

I've been away for far too long. I have felt unhappy, lethargic, and downright nasty. It must be because I haven't been writing. Even if no one reads this, it makes me feel better. I write because I must. If I don't, I will shrivel up and die.

This is my out. This is my way to tell myself that everything can't be as bad as it seems. Even when it is just as bad as it seems. It's my way to let out the drama that is inside me.

This week has been rough. It's my own fault, really. I waited until the last minute to make my final exams. I waited until the night before it's due (tonight) to work on my paper for my class. Oops. I'm a procrastinator. I'll admit it. But my paper is good. And it's done. All I have to do is copy some extra stuff, and I'll be ready to go.

Exams start tomorrow. Tomorrow, the torture begins. They have to translate. It's not great on a good day, let alone when they are nervous. Then Friday is the grammar. Hee, hee, hee. I've been practicing my evil laugh. The tests are all multiple choice. I don't do that to be nice to the devils. I do that because I have very little time to grade these things, and m.c. is easy to grade. And I can get Hubs to help out. Even he can read the letters. Don't have to know Latin for that!

Tomorrow after school I have 3 places to be. 1) homebound instruction. Guess I'll have to call and cancel that. Maybe she can meet on Friday. 2) Class. So I can turn in my paper. We're supposed to be having dinner/appetizers. That sounds like way more fun than... 3) meeting. We have to talk about 8th grade graduation. And summer staff development. Fun.

I've started Weight Watchers. The first week I lost 3 pounds. This week, not so much. In fact, not at all. I've not been very good this week. It's got to be the stress. I can't lose weight when I've got all this stuff on my mind. (it just took me three tries to type m-i-n-d. Geez!) Must stop the stress. Must stop the stress.

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