Sunday, May 27, 2007

Doing Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers on April 20. Originally, it was to take off some weight to look good in the bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding in July. And it was also a little because my pastor mentioned that he did it, and they were running a free week special. I figured if a GUY could stay on it, surely it couldn't be that hard.

The first week, I lost two pounds. It didn't seem like much, and my clothes were still tight. The next week, it was three. I had lost five pounds! That was exciting. The clothes were fitting better.

In the last three weeks, I've lost 6 more pounds. Bringing my total to 11! Wow! My new capris that I bought at Old Navy in April: too big. I put a pair on today to go to church and I had to belt them really close. I didn't want them to fall off when I was singing. It felt good. Even Hubs said that he could really tell I'd been losing when he looked at me in the mirror the other morning. I tend to stand around in my underwear while I'm doing my hair and makeup.

It has improved my life. I want to go shopping to buy some new clothes, but I'm going to wait. I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff now, then have it not fit in another month. As much as I love to shop, we just don't have the money for that kind of thing.

Also, I'm feeling much better about me. I've always had self-esteem issues. Since I was a teen. I know that, and I've tried to work through them. I'll be doing really well, then gain weight and feel bad again. The thing is, that doesn't just affect me, it also affects my marriage. When I feel bad about me, I don't want Hubs to want me. I feel like he can't possibly want to have sex with me when I'm looking (in my mind) fat. Then he feels rejected because I don't want to sleep with him, and it's an ugly cycle. We've been doing it ever since Cheeseman was born.

Now, though, I'm liking my body a bit more. And I want him to notice me. It's improving our marriage. Yay! Thank you, Weight Watchers, for helping my marriage!

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Sayre said...

Isn't it amazing what a little self-esteem can do? I'm still battling my bulge too. My son and I are planning an active summer, healthier eating and hopefully by the time he starts his new school, he will be a mean, lean learning machine. I've started a second blog called "Because I'm Fat" which I will use to chronicle our summer. Feel free to drop by (though there's not much there yet) at or click on the link in my blogroll.

WeightWatchers sounds like a good move for you. I toy with the idea myself from time to time - and may go ahead and do it this summer! I have to find meetings that will work for me though. I think I will have to actually go, rather than do the online thing. I tried e-diets once and didn't get anywhere. I need face-to-face accountability.

So glad things are going better with your hubby. That always makes the world a happier place.