Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New appreciations

Hubs has finally come upon a new appreciation of my total exhaustion during the winter months. When I was working at the bookstore while holding down a full-time job and raising two children and taking care of the house and clothing. He started working at my old bookstore. I had to quit when school started back. He has closed 2 nights in a row now, and has not gotten home before midnight.

He said that he napped all morning today, after a particularly busy evening. I didn't want to say anything, for fear of starting a fight, but REALLY! When I was working there, I had to get up at 5 in the morning so that I could get to teaching school on time. In the dead of winter. And I still picked the kids up from school. I would come home long enough to grab a sandwich or something, then head to work. I didn't get a nap. Ever.

I'm glad he finally understands that it was hard on me. Well, he's beginning to understand. I don't think he will ever truly appreciate the difficulty. Just goes to show, women are much stronger than men in the ways that count.

In other news, B-rex is pooping in the potty occasionally. All the moms out there know what a big deal that is! Yay!!!

And Cheese is like a different kid at school this year. He's been an absolute angel. No bad reports at all! His partner in crime/best friend from last year is now in kindergarten. Spreading havoc wherever he goes. At least he is not corrupting my sweet angel baby anymore.

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Nicole said...

And he (his ex-partner-in-crime) is right back to his old self in kindergarten! Boy oh boy!