Sunday, August 10, 2008

Easier day

So today was my 2nd Sunday at the new churches. Last week was rough. I met all these new people, and had to listen to Hubs 3 times! Yikes! Today, though, I took the boys to Sunday school at the last church and hung out. I actually stayed in their class, and watched the fun unfold.

I obviously have not spent enough quality time with younger children. They were so funny! Or maybe it was the teacher. At the outset, she told me "I am not a teacher. That is not my profession." I guess so that I wouldn't judge her abilities. Then, she got out paint. Oh, yes. Paint.

And it was watercolor. So that meant that little cups of water were needed. And large t-shirts to go over the clothes of the children. And something to cover the table as well. It took about 10 minutes before they were even able to get started!

But they loved it! They painted robots, cars, and mermaids. Very Biblical, I know. But the teacher was talking to them about "young Jesus." You know, the part of the story where Jesus gets left behind in Jerusalem. And is not missed for 3 days. And does not seem to be concerned, since he is just hanging out at the Temple. It's amazing how much of that the kids actually internalized. I was pretty sure they weren't paying attention at all, but Cheese could answer all my questions at lunch today. Impressive.

It's back to work again tomorrow. Latin meetings. Then Thursday starts the actual back-to-school fun!

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