Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Mean Really!

How hard is it to push some toys out of the middle of the floor?

If you are four and two, obviously it is very hard. Especially if your daddy doesn't make you.

If you are the daddy, VERY, VERY HARD, because you'd rather sit on your lazy ass and not do anything. When I got home from work (back at the bookstore, yay!), the living room was a mess. It immediately irritated me. Hubs was asleep on the couch, as usual. I woke him up and he apologized for the mess. He always apologizes. If I wanted an apology, I would ask for one. Instead, I asked for him to just push the mess out of the way. He says he "meant" to clean it up, and just sat down to rest for a minute. That's why he was LAYING down. He obviously didn't notice when he fell over asleep.

And the kids didn't get a bath either, even though they'd been over playing at a friend's house for the afternoon.

My God! Do I have to do everything around here?

And now he's gone back to sleep on the couch. Mess is still there. As usual. I'll be the one to clean it up, because I have no patience for this bullshit.

I mean, really. Seriously. This is about ridiculous!

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Sayre said...

There are days when I could have written that - except last night when I came home from work, everything was neat and the house was quiet - a real feat in a just moved house! I'm sure it will be a while before that happens again!