Monday, June 18, 2012

Thoughts on Reading

As I sit here on my bed, next to my oldest son who is reading Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, I am reminded again of how important reading is. I love books. Really. A lot. I am happiest when there is a book in my hands, and I am curled up in a chair (on a couch), perhaps with a blanket over my legs for comfort. I have always loved to read. My parents said that they started reading with me when I was a baby, and I was "reading" along with them before I'd started kindergarten. I remember walking up to the Square in Oxford, MS, when I was in elementary school, so I could go to Square Books and look. I'd beg/borrow money from my parents to buy new Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley High books.

I read for pleasure, to get out of my regular life. To be transported to other places where everything worked out in 150 pages or less. I knew it wasn't real, but it was still nice. It's not that home life was bad, except for my bratty little sister who followed me everywhere. My parents split up when I was 11, but Mom was still at our house every day getting us ready for school and meeting us when the bus dropped us off. But I still loved that escape.

In high school and college, I don't think I read as much. Who does? Who has time to read books just for fun? There is so much required reading. Those books that are assigned just didn't have the same pull for me as the ones I could CHOOSE to read. But I didn't do a lot of reading. Just the bare minimum to get by and get decent grades.

Now, I am back where I was when I was in elementary and middle school. Especially now, in the summer. On vacation. I go to the library at least once a week. I would just as soon sit all day and read. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the three little people who also live at my house. Those darn kids!

Hubs and I read to our oldest all the time when he was a baby. The large, 5-shelved bookshelf in the boys' room is testament to that. It's full of books, from first chapter books to Harry Potter. When boy #2 came along, we didn't have as much time to read. It was a lot different chasing after 2 boys. A lot of the time, I feel like I shortchanged #2 (B-rex) in the book department. I know all kids are supposed to be different. They are people, you know. But Cheese (the oldest) loves books like I do. He reads incessantly, working his way through any series he is interested in. (That he can get his hands on, he says.) But B-rex doesn't like to read. Is this my fault? Should I have taken more time to read to him, with him, when he was a baby? He's almost 8 now, is it too late?

With the youngest, D-man, I am making more of an effort. To read. One of his first words (sounds) was "boooo", meaning book. I know this, because he is usually holding a book out toward me when he makes the sound. I love that he loves books. He doesn't always sit still for a whole one, but he brings me one a lot. The same ones. Over and over. That's okay though, because it's just the beginning.

I'm passing on my love of books to my sons. I'm teaching them that it's possible to travel in your mind, if not with your body. I'm hoping they learn to look outside of themselves, to see the world in a slightly different way. That's the joy of books. 


ml spell said...

Never too late. Has B tried the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series? That's a great series for reluctant (and not-so-reluctant) readers. The art might be good for drawing him in.

Anonymous said...

Books Rule! TV makes you drool! I LOVE reading!

Glenna said...

You are never too old to learn to love to read. I was a late reader. My sister was the book worm. Now when I have the time I like to read. Thank you for sharing your books with me. You have introduced me to new authors and encouraged me to read more! You have definitely helped me to read more!